Not All Laser Hair Removal Clinics Are The Same

March 18, 2016

Some people say that they do not care where they go for their beauty treatments. Some go to a random store in the mall to get their nails done, or shop at a discount store for some beauty products. But when it comes to laser hair removal, you should always choose your laser hair removal clinics wisely – because not all clinics are the same.At IG Beauty, we value our clients personally, and we treat their hair and skin the same way. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are comfortable and relaxed whenever they come for any type of treatment, laser hair removal or other. We make sure that our skin care professionals know what they are doing on your skin so they can tell you a step by step process of their treatments if you have any questions or concerns. They won’t leave you in the dark when it comes to providing you and your skin the best treatments around.

Many other laser hair removal clinics do not have the ability to offer their services to a wide variety of skin types, or hair types because they do not have the proper technology, whereas IG beauty does, and we pride ourselves on that. Because we have a variety of clients, and know and handle so many different skin types, our laser hair removal treatments are geared towards so many people, and not just a select few.

There are many clinics in Toronto do not offer the same diverse and effective service assortment that we provide to our clients. This is what makes us stand out from other laser hair removal clinics. At IG Beauty, we have the most up to date laser hair removal technology, so our products are not only efficient, but they are long lasting. We suggest that our clients attend anywhere between 5-7 treatments, depending on the size of the area they want to treat, the type of skin they have and the type of hair they have. We also suggest to our clients what type of skin care regimens they should do before and after their laser hair removal sessions. For example, it is important to not shave, wax or pluck the hair before your treatment, as the laser hair removal treatment works best when your hair is as dark and visible as possible. Additionally, we recommend exfoliation for our clients after their treatments, as you want to be able to help remove the hairs that were targeted during the laser hair removal treatments. Have those quick stop beauty shops been offering you tips and advice before and after your skin treatments? How often do you know what to do before and after your skin care treatments?

When you’re visiting a laser hair removal clinics, make sure to do your research beforehand. You should be going to a clinic that you trust and feel comfortable spending your money and getting your money’s worth in. If you would like to know more information regarding our laser hair removal treatments or any other skin care treatments offered at our clinic, visit our webiste, or call to book an appointment, at 647-764-7490. There are no questions that go unanswered regarding our skin care treatments.

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