Get Rid of your Hair for Good with Laser Hair Removal

October 23, 2015

We’ve all toyed with the idea of hair removal at some point or another, whether it was via shaving, waxing, or even laser hair removal. Each of these mainstream hair removal methods have their risks and benefits. Although shaving is relatively painless and harmless, its tedious and repetitive nature makes it the most mundane of the three methods. The effects of waxing can last much longer than that of a shave, but the process is more painful. A famous scene in the 2005 film The 40 Year-Old Virgin is a harsh reminder of that. But what about laser hair removal? It’s actually the only hair removal process widely available that can help you get rid of your hair for good.

Permanent Hair Removal Solution

The most well known benefit of laser hair removal is that the hair removal is virtually permanent. During laser hair removal, concentrated beams of light are used to heat the hair follicles in the targeted area. The heat damages the hair follicle and actually prevents future hair growth. The laser’s heat is absorbed by melanin present in the hair follicle. Melanin is what gives our skin and hair colour. The darker the hair, the more melanin present, the more heat it absorbs, and the easier it is to damage with a laser.

Take Pain Out of Grooming

Laser hair removal is prized because it is a highly accurate hair removal method that is relatively painless. Laser hair removal is also a very fast process that yields instant results that last for years. A technician uses a handheld device to emit a pulsing laser on the targeted area of the skin. Because of the intense light emitted by the laser from the handheld device, both the patient and the technician must wear special protective eyewear.

Boost Your Confidence with Hair-Free Appearance

Laser hair removal is a popular option for those looking to adopt a different image previously unavailable to them thanks to genetics. For example, some men may be self-conscious about a perceived over-abundance of body hair on their chest or back and may wish for it to be removed permanently. Some women may desire to have less hair on their arms or reduce the number of hair follicles on their legs, bikini line or underarms to reduce the amount of time invested in shaving.

Minimize Acne with Treatments at Our Skin Care Clinic

Another benefit of laser hair removal is that it eliminates the possibility of many hair follicles becoming infected. Acne is most commonly caused by bacteria infecting an unclean hair follicle, so with the removal of hair growth from the follicle, it allows easier cleaning of the pores and hair follicles to reduce infection.

Choose Professional Laser Hair Removal at IGBeauty

Laser hair removal is a fantastic option for getting rid of unwanted hair in the long term. The procedure itself is virtually painless and has incredibly mild side effects. Be sure to book a Toronto laser hair removal appointment at a quality laser skin clinic in Toronto that specializes in laser hair removal like IG Beauty. Contact IG Beauty today to book your first laser hair removal appointment and get rid of unwanted hair for good.

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