Can You Do Laser Hair Removal At Home?

November 17, 2020

laser hair removalThese days, most beauty tricks can be done from the comfort of your home. They help you save money, are more comfortable and of course, ensures your safety during COVID. Beauty tasks like plucking your eyebrows, or painting your own nails are higher on the list when it comes to DIY (do it yourself), but we believe laser hair removal is best done at a reputable laser clinic in Toronto. Want to do laser hair removal at home in Toronto? Read on to learn if it is possible. 

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the process of permanently removing hair. During an active cycle of hair growth, laser technicians will use a laser to emit light essentially killing the hair follicle in order to prevent hair growth in the future. With multiple and consistent treatments, you will be hair-free within 5-7 sessions. Although this process may appear seamless and easy to the naked eye, when done unprofessionally you may be subject to burnt skin, irritation, regrowth of hair and more.

Laser Hair Removal Is Expensive

Laser hair removal usually involves an initial upfront payment for the duration of your sessions. While the charge may seem costly, when broken down you are paying an initial fee for 5-7 sessions of laser hair removal. And while the prices may seem more expensive than purchasing your own laser hair removal device, you are receiving professional and successful treatment. An at-home laser device may be cheaper at first, but you may require spending more money in the long-run with an ineffective treatment plan.

At-Home Laser Devices Are Less Effective

Because at-home laser devices are designed to be used at home, they are made much less powerful than the lasers you’ll find at a laser clinic in Toronto. While they still may work, they are not as effective or efficient. Not to mention these lasers are quite small making it difficult to cover large areas on the body. With professional hair removal, you can ensure we are using top quality lasers with top quality results. 

Besides the effectiveness of the laser, laser hair removal in Toronto is much more efficient at a professional laser clinic. At IGBeauty we use the LightSheer Duet and Gentle Max Pro Lasers that are both FDA and Health Canada approved. They are efficient, safe and effective as well, this high-tech technology works on all skin and hair types and colours. At-home laser devices are not as advanced and may not work depending on the colour of your hair and skin. 

Professional Laser Hair Removal With IGBeauty Laser Skin Care Clinic in Toronto

At the end of the day, the way you choose to remove your unwanted hair is at your discretion. But if you’re looking for high-quality, safe, and effective laser hair removal in Toronto, IGBeauty should be your number one choice. Thinking about laser hair removal? Call us today at 416-848-4884 to book an appointment and bring yourself one step closer to being hair-free. 

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