Laser Clinic in Toronto Provides Longer Lasting Results For Laser Hair Removal

May 23, 2017

Whether at the beach or by the pool, most women love the idea of having completely clear, smooth, soft skin. To achieve this result, we endure the pain of plucking, tweezing, shaving, stripping and waxing.

Laser hair removal in TorontoBut unfortunately, these are all temporary hair removal solutions. In the long run, there is constant hair regrowth along with expenses for razors and waxing kits. 

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair on the body by using light based technology. The process at IGBeauty laser hair clinic is fairly straightforward - hair gets its colour from melanin; the laser emits a very specific beam of light at a wavelength that is targeted directly at the melanin in the hair and at the follicle growth centre; and when the laser hits the melanin, it destroys the hair follicle right at the root, leaving you soft, smooth, and hair-free. What’s so amazing is that this all happens without damaging the surrounding skin.

In fact, compared to waxing, that may cost less per session, laser hair removal actually costs less long term. Women who visit a laser hair clinic to get rid of their unwanted hair spend up to $20,000 less in a lifetime than those who wax. Waxing pulls hair out by their roots and treatments can be incredibly painful, as hair is literally ripped out from the skin. Although the pain gets more tolerable over time, it doesn’t make up for the fact that waxing results in ingrown hairs, sagging skin, not to mention that hair will grow back within a few weeks.

Shaving body hair also leaves ingrown hairs. Using a razor causes the hair follicle to change the direction in which it’s growing which causes the hair to become trapped under the skin and create ingrown hairs - the presence of pink and red bumps on the skin which are easily irritated and take a long time to fade. These bumps can make people very self-conscious, especially when bumps are visible around their bikini area. Shaving may also become more difficult after extended use as persistent shaving can cause hair to grow in coarse and rougher in texture, which over time can make the hair more difficult to remove with a razor. One of the major disadvantages of shaving is that the hair grows back extremely quickly - so quickly that many women shave every time they’re in the shower. It can also become a chore to painstakingly remove body hair with a razor almost every single day. It is safe to say that shaving is not a grooming ritual that most women like to do.

With laser hair removal, results vary from client to client. At IGBeauty Studio, a laser hair clinic in Toronto, in-house specialists can answer all types of questions about laser hair removal. In general, treatment at a laser hair clinic depends on skin colour, hair type, and certain skin conditions. But when compared to other methods, laser hair removal certainly provides longer lasting results. What you’re left with is smooth looking, clear skin. In fact, many people report having improved skin tone and texture, faded skin spots and the look of skin rejuvenation after receiving laser hair removal.


IGBeauty Studio uses the latest technologies in hair removal

For those considering a laser clinic in Toronto, IGBeauty Studio offers the newest technologies in hair removal, for both men and women. Today, laser hair removal is pain-free for the most part, and an effective approach to permanent hair removal. It’s truly a benefit for women who had to deal with the downsides of hair removal with conventional methods for so many years.    

As an established laser hair clinic in Toronto, IGBeauty Studio uses state-of-the-art technology to remove body hair permanently. One treatment at a time, hair follicles are eliminated, and after several clinic visits, hair simply doesn’t grow back. Unlike most other hair removal techniques, the laser approach leaves the skin permanently hair free, while smooth and soft forever.

Laser Hair Removal Should Be Handled By A Professional

Laser hair removal absolutely requires the attention of a professional. The technology requires expertise, and the treatment protocol requires experience. Indeed, the best results are achieved with a clinician who is skilled and proficient. Treatment wise, clinic visits are short, and there is no recovery time needed. Any hair growth between clinic visits is considered negligible.

Generally, it takes about six clinic visits throughout the year to be completely hair-free. Regular appointments are scheduled to suit client needs, and results are noticeable treatment after treatment. As for the cost of laser hair removal, price shopping is not recommended, especially without knowing the history and experience of a clinic (it’s better to be safe than sorry).

An established and reputable skin care clinic is always preferred with laser hair removal. The laser technicians will be trained and experienced, and the clinic environment will be professional. Best of all, clinicians will give good advice on treatment options and on skin care products. A reputable clinic also ensures the highest standards of hygiene, sterility, and client safety.

LightSheer® Duet™ at IGBeauty Studio  

LightSheer® Duet™, an advanced laser hair removal technology, has proven to be very effective in stopping hair growth completely. Permanent results are achievable in 3 to 5 treatments, all depending on skin colour and hair consistency. Professionally treated, there are additional benefits beyond hair removal - ingrown hairs are reduced, skin is rejuvenated, and sun damage is often reversed. After treatment it’s important to use good skin care products to benefit the skin. Laser treatment at a reputable laser hair clinic is an effective long-term solution for hair removal. It causes no damage to the skin, is less painful than waxing and will cost you less money over the long run.

At IGBeauty Studio, the staff is licensed to administer laser hair removal, and is continually upgrading their skills. They provide professional advice on treatment options, on new skin care procedures, and on the best skin products on the market. Young and old, clinic clients are always in the best of hands. For more information about the wide range of skin care services offered, call directly at 416-484-4884 or visit the clinic website at

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