How to Ensure Laser Hair Removal for Men is Pain Free

July 13, 2022

Laser hair removal for men has become popular in Toronto as more males are now benefiting from the advantages that laser hair removal provides. When searching for a laser skin care clinic in Toronto, you want to find a trustworthy, credible place with good reviews. Men’s facial and body hair can be coarse and difficult to remove without causing painful ingrown hairs and uneven hair removal. To ensure laser hair removal treatments are as little painful as possible, there are some precautions you can take that ease any discomfort throughout the process.

The experts at IGBeauty are trained and certified in laser hair removal and recommend these tips before your appointment. 

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal treatments use laser light technology that emits pulses of light energy into the skin, targeting the root and hair follicles. This procedure works on men and women with all hair types (except blond and gray hair), including thick, coarse hair. For the best results and most complete body hair removal, you’ll need multiple laser hair removal sessions. This is because hair grows in three stages, and your hair must be in an active growth stage for laser hair removal to be effective. At IGBeauty, laser hair removal requires 5 to 7 sessions, but this can vary depending on your body.  

The experts at IGBeauty perform laser hair removal for men using LightSheer® Duet™ and GentleMax Pro®, which offers a non-invasive procedure that stops hair growth permanently. The LightSheer® Duet™ has a cooling sapphire ChillTip and vacuum suction, that provides safe and effective hair removal. Meanwhile, the GentleMax Pro® provides “cooling bursts” (made of cryogen) that make the process as gentle as possible. Our professionals take the time to provide a thorough consultation and get details on your hair removal goals. 

Preparing for the Appointment 

Your skin care clinic in Toronto should tell you how to prepare for your appointment and what to do afterwards, ensuring the best results possible. 

  • Shave Beforehand: Although it may seem unnecessary, shaving the designated area before the appointment can be beneficial. IGBeauty specialists recommend shaving before laser hair removal appointments as it can be easier for the laser to do its job while decreasing side effects.
  • Choosing the Right Medications: Taking a pain reliever before or after the procedure can be very beneficial as it can reduce inflammation and soothe the pain. To prevent bruising, it is suggested to avoid NSAIDs (Advil/ Ibuprofen, Aspirin, or Aleve/Naproxen) which are more likely to result in bruising. Tylenol or acetaminophen is a better solution for treating discomfort.

After the Appointment

After laser hair removal in Toronto, you may experience some redness or irritation depending on your skin sensitivity. Follow these tips to ensure a pleasant recovery.

  • Sun Exposure: Exposing yourself to the sun after your laser hair removal appointment can be painful if not done correctly. You should avoid tanning and high UVs, from the sun two weeks before and after your appointment. This ensures you can reek all of the fantastic results of laser hair removal. When exposed to the sun right after laser hair removal, you could experience permanent damage to your skin. Since the sun makes your skin more sensitive to heat, when the laser is performed after sun exposure, it can cause burns, scarring, and hyper-pigmentation. The specialists at IGBeauty highly encourage you to follow our directions and advice to ensure your skin is in its best condition. 
  • Ice the Area: If you notice that you are feeling pain after your appointment, a quick and relieving solution is to ice the area - cover with a paper towel or cloth to avoid direct skin contact. Cold compresses can reduce swelling and inflammation, providing cooling relief from a warm sensation or “sunburn” feeling. IGBeauty suggests you ice the designated area for 20 minutes or less to ensure the best outcome. 

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