How to Cleanse Acne Inflamed Skin

December 12, 2015

At IGBeauty Skin Care Clinic, one of our main goals is to see our clients happy with their skin after being treated by us. There are many different suggestions like Microneedling in Toronto out there on how to cleanse acne inflamed skin, however; we are going to give you the top 6 solutions on how to achieve smooth, blemish free skin.

  1. Wash your face twice a day. We cannot stress this first tip hard enough. It is very important for you to wash your face every morning and night. A long day can conjure up a lot of dirt and bacteria into your pores, causing acne inflamed skin. At night, your skin cells are working hard to regenerate, and cleansing your face in the morning will stimulate your skin to get it ready to face the day. That said, do not wash your face more than two times a day. Washing your face more than twice a day can either dry out your skin, irritate it or cause sensitivity. The more times you wash your face, the more oil the skin needs. If you keep washing your face, your skin will generate more oil, causing acne inflammation.
  2. Use light, circular hand gestures. This will help the cleanser clear your skin. A little bit of pressure is ok, but don’t use too much pressure, or else you can end up irritating your skin. Typically, cleansers call for using a pea-sized drop of product each time you wash your face. Make sure you read the label on your cleanser to ensure you’re using it properly.
  3. Take your makeup off every night. We know the feeling, coming home after a long day of work or a night out, and the last thing you want to do is spend five minutes taking off your makeup. You will regret in a few years those nights you spent keeping your makeup on, when you easily could have removed it. Keeping makeup on during the night will cause irritation of the skin, and a field day for acne and inflamed skin. The more bacteria you have in your face, the more inflamed your acne spots will become.
  4. Don’t pick. Trust us, don’t pick. It is so tempting, we know, but picking can make things worse. Sometimes, it is best to leave a blemish alone. The more you pick and squeeze, the larger pimples can become, and the more likely you are to scar. Treat your pimple with an acne spot treatment. This will dry the skin around the blemish and decrease the swelling.
  5. Use proper cleansers and moisturizers. Using a proper cleanser will actually diminish the chances of having any inflamed acne spots in the future. You want to make sure that the cleanser you are using is not too harsh on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you use a moisturizer that is too heavy for your skin type, it will clog up your pores. It is also important to use a light, non-intrusive moisturizer after you cleanse your face.
  6. Don’t stop your acne reduction techniques once your blemishes go away. Keeping up your routine is critical for clear skin. The moment you stop cleansing and treating spots that are more prone to acne on your face than others, the next thing you know is that you will be waking up with another inflamed blemish. Trust us, don’t stop your routine!

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