How the M22 IPL Photofacial Treatment Helps Treat Rosacea

April 23, 2024

Many live with Rosacea, a chronic skin condition with persistent redness. They often seek practical solutions to cure Rosacea and regain confidence in their skin. Among the plethora of solutions that exist, explore the M22 IPL Photofacial Treatment at IGBeauty. It helps to treat various skin conditions due to its versatility. IGBeauty is a skin care clinic in Toronto that can help with all your skin care needs, from injections to facials in Toronto.

Learn more about the Rosacea and the M22 IPL Photofacial Treatment below. 

What is Rosacea?

How the M22 IPL Photofacial Treatment Helps Treat RosaceaRosacea is a chronic and inflamed skin condition that causes severe redness. Other symptoms include small bumps that resemble acne. Although it can occur to anyone, it’s fairly common in fair-skinned individuals, beginning after the age of 30. Though no identified factors are involved, genetics, immune system reactions, and bacteria can be possible factors. Rosacea is not actually curable, but there are ways to minimize flare-ups, like topical medication or facials in Toronto. 

How the M22 IPL Photofacial Treatment Works

IPL treatments utilize light therapy to address various skin issues, such as wrinkles, Rosacea, and acne scars. This light reaches the dermis, triggering heat and minor injuries that stimulate cell renewal. The skin generates collagen and elastin during the healing process, enhancing texture and firmness. IPL also diminishes rosacea symptoms like redness and pustules, gradually improving skin appearance.

The Benefits of M22 IPL Photofacial Treatment for Rosacea

IPL works best for Rosacea because it’s so versatile. Due to the many symptoms of Rosacea, M22 IPL Photofacial effectively treats all of them. Visible blood vessels are one of the symptoms that IPL can treat, diminishing the visibility by collapsing them and helping them fade. This treatment can also help to improve skin texture and decrease redness, providing healthier and youthful skin. All of these improvements can help to boost confidence. When consulting our skin care clinic in Toronto, IPL treatments are customizable in intensity and parameters to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your results. 

Preparing for M22 IPL Photofacial Treatment

Because you are treating a medical condition, it’s best to consult your dermatologist before undergoing treatments. You want to ensure you are being safe and choosing the proper treatment. Like most cosmetic treatments, avoid sun exposure in the weeks leading up to your appointment. It’s essential to protect your skin from UV radiation as sunburnt skin is more susceptible to side effects of the IPL. This also applies to any tanning treatments, including self-tan products. This will alter your skin tone and increase the risk of adverse effects of the IPL. Lastly, stay hydrated, as hydrated skin tends to heal more effectively after facials in Toronto.

Aftercare and Maintenance

After your treatment, be sure to avoid sun exposure once again. If you plan to be in the sun, apply sufficient SPF, as treated skin tends to be more sensitive. Your technician may give you soothing cream, which you can apply based on their direction. Avoid sweating and heat for 24 to 48 hours after your appointment, as they can increase post-treatment redness and irritation. Be sure to apply gentle cleansers and products, as fragranced products often carry chemicals that can affect the healing process.

Who Should Consider M22 IPL Photofacial Treatment for Rosacea

Anyone with Rosacea can be a good candidate for M22 IPL Photofacial Treatments. Still, it's best to consult a medical professional before undergoing the treatments to get educated on the side effects and results of the treatment. 

IPL Treatments with IGBeauty

Contact IGBeauty today to consult with us about our services and which would be best for you. Rosacea is a treatable condition, so come get it treated by one of our professionals today. 

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