How Microneedling Helps Treat Aging Skin

March 18, 2024

In the past few years, microneedling in Toronto has become popular in the cosmetic industry, one of its functions being to treat aging skin. This procedure offers a minimally invasive solution with incredible results. In summary, microneedling is when tiny needles create punctures on the skin’s surface. By doing so, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, rejuvenating the skin to become more youthful and more firm. These types of procedures are done at skin care clinics in Toronto, such as IGBeauty. Consult with one of our professionals today to get a better understanding of all our procedures and which one fits best with your skin condition. 

Learn more about the effect microneedling has on aging skin by reading below. 

How Microneedling Works

How Microneedling Helps Treat Aging SkinMicroneedling can treat a variety of skin conditions, including scarring, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, acne, and wrinkles from aging. As mentioned, miniature needles are used to puncture holes in the top layer of the skin. The main goal of this is to promote the production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins in the skin that make your skin look tight and youthful. As we age, it’s natural to experience the decrease of these proteins in the skin. This reduction causes sagging and wrinkles over time. Full microneedling treatments consist of three to five appointments, which occur monthly or biweekly, depending on the treatment course set by your technician. This treatment can be used alongside other treatments provided by IGBeauty to best treat your skin. 

Your microneedling journey typically starts with a consultation with a medical professional, who will examine your skin and discuss your goals for your skin. They will be able to answer any of your questions at this time. It is best to ask them all before the procedure. As the procedure commences, your technician will apply numbing cream to ensure comfort during your appointment, which will help to stop any sensations of stinging that may occur. The appointment can range in length depending on the targeted area. The patient’s skin is often red and swollen for a few days after the procedure, but simply treating the area with ice will reduce irritation and should subside within a few days. After the appointment, there’s a possibility of experiencing dryness and flaking, which can be treated with moisturizer. Ensure you aren’t using any products heavily packed with chemicals, as this can affect the way the skin heals, causing irritation and discomfort. 

Boosts Collagen Production

The tiny needles create micro-injuries in the skin, creating channels to the lower layers of the skin. These injuries cause inflammation, which essentially causes blood flow and initiates a wound-healing process. Collagen production is a critical factor in this process, as it provides support to the skin and maintains elasticity and firmness. New collagen fibres are created to heal these microscopic wounds. The reproduction of collagen is not only viable in the short term; the new collagen fibres help with the gradual improvement of the skin from fine lines and wrinkles. Aside from that, it helps keep moisture in the skin, contributing to the appearance of younger skin. 

Minimizes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Due to the dwindling of collagen and elastin production in our skin, as we age, we find wrinkles and fine lines, which are 100% natural. Lines can also show on our skin when it has been too exposed to direct sunlight, causing premature aging. You can delay this process with the help of a skincare clinic in Toronto. Microneedling’s ability to produce collagen and elastin tightens and tones the treated skin, leaving it smooth and firm, filling those aging lines. The punctures made by the multiple needles help to kickstart cell turnover, which typically slows down due to the thinning of the epidermis (top layer of skin), causing sagging and wrinkles. Not only does microneedling minimize these fine lines, but it also prevents further damage to the skin. When addressing these lines early reduces the chances of permanency. 

Improves Skin Texture and Tone

Skin texture can be a constant battle we face throughout life. Living with acne scars and enlarged pores can taint one’s self-confidence drastically. Microneedling can help boost that by improving overall skin texture and tone. This treatment has the ability to get rid of imperfections like discolouration, minimize the visibility of scars, and make the skin look flawless. Microneedling in Toronto can act as a first step in improving your skin, allowing better absorption of topical creams. With the correct amount of treatments, patients can see long-lasting results with the proper skin care. Let your skin take its natural path of healing with the help of microneedling. 

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

When inquiring about microneedling in Toronto, patients often worry if there is a risk of skin discolouration after the procedure. In fact, it can help to reduce hyperpigmentation. Through the channels created by the needles, the skin is able to absorb skincare products better. You will be able to see better results when using serums and creams with Vitamin C, which treat hyperpigmentation. The micro-injuries created also help to break down melanin, which causes the darkness. Breaking these down and removing the excess reduces the look of hyperpigmentation, evening out the skin. This also improves cell turnover, promoting the shedding of dead skin cells and quickly turning over the dead cells with that excess melanin. Microneedling can also be used with other treatments offered at IGBeauty to better treat hyperpigmentation. Talk to one of our professionals to learn more.  

Microneedling at IGBeauty

If your skincare goal is to get clear and smooth skin, microneedling is for you. The production of collagen and elastin is a crucial part of making it look youthful. Rid your skin of wrinkles and scars and improve overall skin texture with this treatment. IGBeauty has the best team, filled with medical doctors, registered nurses, and medical estheticians, to provide you with the best care possible. The team aims to give the best guidance to cater to each patient’s cosmetic needs. Learn more about our services by booking a consultation with us today. 

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