How Men Use Laser Hair Removal Services

October 20, 2023

Once associated with women, hair removal has become a universal task implemented into most people’s self-care regimens. From shaving to laser hair removal services, there are various ways to feel your best in your skin. Laser hair removal has gained enormous attention over the years due to how permanent the results are. Though there are at-home kits to do it yourself, the best results come from professional services at laser clinics in Toronto. Visit IGBeauty to get rid of unwanted hair and indulge in various skin care procedures with our team of experienced specialists. 

Learn more about how men can use laser hair removal services below. 

Eliminate Unwanted Hair

laser hair removal servicesLike women, men often desire to remove any unwanted hair for discomfort, aesthetics, or medical reasons. A significant benefit that laser hair removal services offer is reducing hair growth after the appropriate sessions. Not only that, but laser hair removal can help prevent ingrown hairs, which are often painful and unpleasant to live with. Men, primarily due to facial hair, can experience pain in their face, consisting of sensitive skin, leading to more severe skin issues. 

Laser hair removal services are versatile in that they can be used on all body parts, from the face to the chest and shoulders to the Brazilian area. If you are someone who prefers to have minimal hair on your body, you can see a multitude of benefits when choosing laser hair removal. Though it can seem pricier, you will see that the results were all worth the investment over time. 

For Medical Reasons

Some individuals can experience medical conditions that may increase hair growth, like hirsutism, which occurs most around the mouth, or simply someone with sensitive skin, where skin can easily get irritated from other hair removal methods. Methods like waxing and shaving can have side effects or irritation like swelling, redness, or razor bumps. Whereas with laser hair removal, there is minimal irritation after appointments. Affected areas may be red and tender for a day or two after your appointment but should subside in no time. 

Aesthetic Purposes

Facial hair often plays a significant role in a man’s appearance. Many individuals who can grow thick facial hair may shape it in a sure way to appear more presentable and professional. At laser clinics in Toronto, laser hair removal can make that shape more long-lasting and prevent the need to touch up the appearance constantly. A common reason men also partake in laser hair removal services is for bodybuilding or athletic activities. With the absence of excess hair, muscles appear more defined, showcasing the hard work these men and women put into their bodies. The lack of hair also helps with functionality, as there is less friction when performing movements. For whatever reason, individuals choose to get laser hair removal; they score other great benefits with flawless skin. 

Laser Hair Removal with IGBeauty

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