How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

October 27, 2016

There are many options for hair removal these days. There are the simple, temporary options, such as tweezing or shaving, as well as waxing or threading. These hair removal options can suffice for some, but none of them can prevent your hair from coming back again. There is, however, the solution of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is experiencing major growth in popularity, as it painlessly and permanently removes the hair in targeted areas of your body.  

    Laser hair removal is an amazing alternative for those who do not want to worry about having to shave their legs every other day, or wax their facial hair once a month. Laser hair removal can help remove unwanted hair on almost any area of the body for extended periods of time. The more sessions you attend, the less likely your hair is to grow back. Maintaining a consistent regime of attending laser hair removal appointments will ensure that your skin stays smooth and hairless. 

    The way laser hair removal works is through a light transmitting device that targets hair follicles under the skin. The light penetrates through the skin to reach the root of the hair, which it then destroys, preventing it from growing back. The laser hair removal device is not harmful, it targets micro follicles under the skin. It does not puncture your skin, nor does it burn off skin. It is one of the least painful ways of hair removal, and one of the most effective too. 

The device is able to target large portions of hair such as on the leg, back or arms, but can also target small areas such as the upper lip, cheek, or underarm. Depending on the size of the device used, the average size that the machine can target at once is about the size of a quarter. Therefore you can complete your laser hair removal session of your upper lip within minutes, however, larger areas will take longer.

 Laser hair removal is an amazing alternative to waxing, shaving or even plucking. It is extremely effective, and the more sessions you attend, the less likely your hair will grow back. The amount of sessions you need to attend, however, depend on the size of the area you wish to attend to and the responsiveness of your hair. On average, people tend to need 5-6 sessions to effectively remove their hair, but it is truly different for each person. 

At IGBeauty, our trained estheticians will be able to tell you how many sessions you will need for your laser hair removal treatments to give the results you’re looking for. They will also tell you the best practices for before and after your treatments so you can see and feel the best results. Stop worrying about finding time to shave, tweeze or wax, and take care of your problem areas for good. For more information on laser hair removal, or to book an appointment with one of our professionals, visit our website,, or give us a call at 416-484-4884. 

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