Get Ready for Holiday Parties with a Jet Peel for a Radiant, Glowing Complexion

December 19, 2016

It’s that time of year again. Your schedule is packed with events, from family dinners, to office holiday parties, to gift shopping and gift giving. The combination of being stressed and cold, drying winter air can wreak havoc on your skin. We know that life is busy and demanding, and that with your limited time, you’re looking for the best results. To get the look and feel to your skin you’re looking for, just in time for your holiday parties, look no further than a Jet Peel from IG Beauty.

A Jet Peel is a completely natural treatment that significantly improves the tone, texture and colouring of your skin. Jet Peels work through a moisturizing jet stream and oxygen infusion. They exfoliate the skin to remove dead layers of skin cells to reveal fresh, youthful looking skin and promote collagen production. Jet Peels are commonly used to remove blackheads, minimize the looks of pores, treat acne, and even remove scarring. They are super effective in delivering anti-aging results such as eliminating wrinkles around the eyes, upper lip, and other fine lines and wrinkles.

Before your holiday party, the last thing you need is down-time from your skin treatment. Jet Peels require no down time, and can deliver results in as little as one session. Our skin experts will let you know how frequently you should come for your treatments, depending on your skin type and goals. To get the best results, maintenance and touchup jet peel sessions are typically required. Typically, touch up and maintenance appointments are booked every ten to 30 days, but your skin care expert will ensure that you’re booked with the right timing for your skin.

One of the amazing things about Jet Peels is that even though they’re super effective at delivering results to your skin, they’re painless. You don’t need to worry about needles, down-time, or recovery days when it comes to this treatment. It’s not every day you get results with pain, and we’re happy to deliver!

The holidays are a time to indulge, take care of yourself, and give back to those around you. Your office holiday party is your opportunity to dress to impress, and feel completely confident about yourself when you enjoy the experience with all of your coworkers. To make sure you feel great at your holiday party, treat yourself to a relaxing and powerful skin treatment. If you’d like more information on Jet Peels or if you’d like to book an initial consultation with one of our skin care experts, you can give us a call at (416) 484-4884 or send us an email at Our skin care experts ensure that we provide the best treatments for your skin concerns, and that you really do see results. Don’t let the cold winter air take its toll on your skin. Book a Jet Peel appointment and start making your skin feel just like it did years ago!

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