Why Shaving is Harmful for Your Skin

June 19, 2016

Let’s face it. There are very few methods to easily remove your unwanted body hair that are painless and safe, with long-lasting results. Shaving is commonly perceived as the quickest and least painful option to achieve these results. But how safe is shaving and is it really the most best option for hair removal? Let’s take a closer look at the risks involved in shaving, for your skin’s health and for your wallet, to determine our answer.

The process of shaving is to trim your body hair by skimming along the skin line with a blade or razor. This leaves the root of your hair follicles still intact. Many people that haven’t been exposed to other methods of hair removal, like waxing or laser hair removal, consider shaving to be a convenient and quick way to remove their body hair. When it comes to shaving, it’s important to understand the potentially harmful effects it can have on your skin – especially if you have sensitive skin.

As careful as we try to be, shaving commonly leaves us with cuts and nicks, that can be painful and cause bleeding. In some cases, these cuts and nicks can leave unpleasant scars and marks on your skin. Skin irritation, discolouration and rashes (also referred to as razor burn) can develop as a result from shaving, and can leave the affected areas of your skin very itchy, red and inflamed. Depending on your skins’ sensitivity level, skin irritation can last a few hours, and in more severe cases can take up to a week to disappear. Although shaving can be done in your own home, what ultimately matters most are the results – and these results will not leave you satisfied with your skin’s look and feel.

Razor bumps or ingrown hairs are another potential consequence of shaving your unwanted body hair and can develop if your hair is shaved too quickly or too close to the skin line. Ingrown hair is caused when your hair follicle is growing inside or under the skin. The hair follicle ends up curling back behind the skin line. It’s important to shave your hair in the direction of the hair growth, as shaving against the hair line can cause razor bumps. These unsightly little bumps can vary in size and despite exfoliating and moisturizing the affected areas, ingrown hairs and razor bumps can develop most frequently after shaving. Shaving is the leading cause of ingrown hairs and can be prevented by abstaining from shaving the effected area. Your dermatologists may even recommend for you to avoid shaving in general if you suffer from sensitive skin and frequent skin irritation occurs immediately after shaving.

It’s also difficult keeping track of when to replace your razors, which leads many of us to shave with a dull blade. Shaving with a dull blade can easily cause cuts and may develop rust.  Depending on the brand, replacing your razors can rack up a hefty expense and take a toll on your wallet – not to mention the shaving creams, moisturizers or any other recommended after-shave products on the market.

After examining all of the risks involved with shaving, you are likely looking for an alternative. Look no further! At IG Beauty, we use the latest technologies to remove your unwanted body hair in ways that provide the best results for your skin. Options like laser hair removal and waxing will deliver the soft, smooth and hairless skin we all want to have, with longlasting results. Hair removal shouldn’t be painful or leave you with skin that looks worse than before you got rid of your hair. Ditch the razor and speak to an IGBeauty expert today! Give us a call at (416) 484-4884 to book an appointment today.

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