Laser Hair Removal: Is It a Topic for Feminists?

July 17, 2016

By definition, feminism is a political or ideology movement with the goal of defining and establishing equal human rights and social standing for women. Feminists have long fought against the so-called “perfect body” that the media portrays, reasoning that it imposes impossible expectations and immense social pressures to women. One of the most common traits of a “perfect body” is hairless and flawless skin. We realize that this depiction could potentially lead to our patients wanting to undergo procedures to remove or reduce undesired hair. As a beauty clinic that specializes in laser hair removal, we feel obliged to explore and discuss whether laser hair removal is in line with feminism, and if they are related.

An action of removing undesired or growing facial hair was previously only done by men; women were entirely excluded from the activities. Today, hair removal methods are now targeted and available to women. Laser hair removal is immensely popular and effective in not only removing hair temporarily, but to potentially reduce hair counts permanently through multiple treatments. With the possibility of permanently removing a part of your original condition, laser hair removal can be seen as going against the notion that feminists support strongly: for women to be satisfied with their body. Contrastingly, it could also be argued that removing undesired hair exemplify feminism as it shows that the society allows women to decide on what actions can be taken on their body.

With two overlapping but extremely opposing views, however, a good determinant point, could only be understood once a person truly comprehends the meaning of feminism. If we return to the basis of feminism, one can easily recognizes that the sole purpose of the movement is to promote equal standings for women. This means that a woman must be able to take actions to her body as she, and no one else, sees fit. In this regard, laser hair removal then acts as a medium to symbolize the growing power and control that society gives to women over her body. The opposing argument that states a woman would not even desire to remove any hair if not due to social pressure forgets that although society might impose a certain standard towards an individual, it is ultimately that individual’s decision to take action.

If a woman removes her undesired hair solely due to immense social pressure, feminists increase the awareness of women empowerment instead of removing the options of hair removal available for the woman. This analogy could be perfectly summarized through haircuts. In Canada, anyone can choose any haircut style that he or she desires, although girls stereotypically get a long haircut, many choose not to because they prefer something else. If we take away girls’ ability to get a long haircut, then we are not denying their rights to choose. Thus, instead of arguing whether laser hair removal should be done, feminism should be promoted by ensuring that women understand that it is entirely their choices to remove their body hair. As with anything else, some women prefer to keep their body natural while others prefer to have hairless skin.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and acquired a new insight on how laser hair removal can help empower women to do as they wish with their body, in a safe and professional environment. As a beauty clinic, we feel that it is important that our patients feel comfortable and empowered by using our services. We look forward on helping you; if you want to have a further discussion on this matter, or are interested in laser hair removal, feel free to contact our clinic by phone at 647-764-7490 or by email at

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