Winter is a Great Time To Start Getting Ready For Summer

January 30, 2017

Summer bodies are made in the winter – and so is summer-ready skin! Although we’re in the thick of the winter season, now is the time to maintain your look so that when summer comes along, you’re feeling confident and better than ever. Here are some tips on how to start getting ready for summer this winter.

  1. Stay fit and eat healthy: Although exercise and nutrition can seem to be second in priority to binge-watching Netflix and curling up in cozy blankets during the winter, you’ll thank yourself later if you continue your fitness and health regime into the winter. Keep it interesting by signing up for group exercise classes that offer a variety of workouts. Speak to a nutritionist about winter meal plans that incorporate root vegetables and other winter goodies into your diet, or spend some time researching healthy winter recipes online. There are plenty of healthy “comfort food” recipes for winter at your fingertips. You can also try contouring and cellulite treatment of problematic body areas with TriLipo MED. This non-invasive treatment will have you looking and feeling great in no-time!
  2. Start your laser hair removal treatments: To ensure your body or facial skin is well-maintained and hairless in all the right places in time for summer, now is the right time to start your laser hair removal treatments! Different areas require different number of treatments and frequency to achieve permanent results. As well, you need to allot time for healing. Typically, we recommend staying out of the sun after treatments for a minimum of 2-4 weeks. Winter is a great time for laser hair removal because most of your body parts are covered up and protected from the sun with no extra effort!
  3. Take care of your skin with facials and skin treatments: Now is the time to book regular facials to ensure your skin stays moisturized, clean and clear this season. By the time you get to Summer, you’ll be glowing! Consider booking our multi-vitamin facial, which gives your skin a major nutrient boost when you need it most. It delivers smooth, glowing, youthful looking skin through immersing vitamins and helpful acids into your skin. You can also book our TriFractional treatment, which produces immediate results, minimizing the look of wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, and pigmentation. Winter is also a great time for intensive corrective skin treatments, because there’s less sunlight and less risk of pigmentation than other times in the year. Our chemical peels, micro-needling, and sublative fractional skin rejuvenation treatments will all help to restore that youthful, summer glow to your face. And now is the perfect time to book your appointments!

Winter can be one of the most challenging times to take care of our looks. But what many people forget, is that just like with many things in life, what you put in determines what you get out. By sticking to a healthy fitness and nutrition regime, taking care of your body-care to-do list in advance, and ensuring your facial skin is looking fabulous year-round, your summer you will thank you! If you have questions or would like to book a laser or skincare treatment, give our beauty experts a call at (416) 484-4884. We provide complimentary consultations to help you decide which treatment is best for your unique needs. Now put on a hat, gloves, and a warm jacket, and come visit us at our clinic – a warm tea, smile, and greater confidence is waiting for you on the other side of the winter road.  

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