Getting Ready for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

January 03, 2020

Why Get Brazilian Laser Hair Removal? Happy Brazilian laser hair removal client enjoying great results

Laser hair removal has quickly become the preferred method in Toronto for women’s Brazilian hair removal. Laser hair removal enables women to experience silky smooth skin in their pubic area, without tricky shaving and painful waxing that can injure the delicate genital area, or cause irritating ingrown hairs.. 

Modern laser hair removal technologies are so advanced that Brazilian laser hair removal treatments can take as little as 30 minutes, and show a noticeable reduction in women’s pubic hair as soon as after the first session. Over time, Brazilian laser hair removal is permanent, and saves time and money that would be spent on non-permanent methods like shaving and waxing.

If you think Brazilian laser hair removal is right for you, here is how you should prepare for it.

What You Need to Know Before the First Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Session

Here are some important pointers to help you with successful Brazilian laser hair removal in Toronto.

  • Make sure to stop using hair removal methods that remove the hair from the root (like waxing or creams) 4-6 weeks before your first Brazilian laser hair removal session
  • Shave your pubic hair before your laser hair removal session, as stray hairs can attract the laser to the skin and cause burns; this includes the bikini line and between the buttocks as well.
  • Minimize caffeinated beverages on the day of your appointment as caffeine can boost anxiety and sensitivity.
  • You should decide if you want to permanently remove all or just some of the hair in your Brazilian area
  • A consultation and patch test is recommended in order to understand how your body reacts to laser hair removal treatment, and so that your technician can decide the best treatment schedule for your goals

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is Mostly Pain-free

Laser hair removal is generally not painful, though some clients report a prickling sensation. As pubic hair tense to be more coarse and thick than other body hair, Brazilian laser hair removal clients may experience a slightly more intense prickling sensation. However, this sensation is much less uncomfortable than waxing and shaving, and may result in only mild irritation to the skin.

For the Best Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Results, Stay Consistent

It is never advisable to skip laser hair removal treatments, as they are typically scheduled in order to thoroughly target all hairs during the growth stage. With Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, it is especially important to attend each appointment; pubic hair is thicker and coarser, which may make it more stubborn to remove. Additionally, as the prickling sensation can be more intense with coarser hair, or more sensitive skin, some client’s threshold for the prickling sensation may be lower; as such, treatment sessions may need to be shorter and more frequent. 

Whether you need fewer or more Brazilian laser hair removal treatment sessions, you should never skip a laser hair removal appointment; and if you do, you should reschedule it as soon as possible to yield the best results. 

Are You Ready for Your Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

If you’re considering Brazilian laser hair removal in Toronto, IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic is highly experienced in offering safe, effective laser hair removal. Using top-of-the-line machines like Lumenis LightSheer DUET, and Candela’s GentleMax PRO, our technicians are well equipped to provide the best, most comfortable treatment for your hair type and delicate Brazilian area. Schedule your consultation today, where we’ll thoroughly assess your needs, and create a custom- treatment plan. Visit or call 416-484-4884 and get ready to live a hair-free life!

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