The Benefits of Galvanic Energy Facial Treatments

April 18, 2016

Galvanic Energy Facial Treatments are suitable for practically every skin type (normal, dry or oily). On one hand, this treatment restores moisture to dry skin. On the other hand, this facial in Toronto helps stop the accumulation of oil that could eventually lead to acne. Post treatment, the skin is hydrated and maintains an ability to retain moisture. For those with particularly oily skin, and associated skin pore issues, a galvanic energy facial might be a good solution.


Galvanic Energy Facial Treatments

This is a unique facial treatment that uses weak electric currents to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. It’s all based on a technique known as “iontophoresis” which essentially means that ions are introduced into the layers of skin. And although this treatment is considered a facial (face skin), the same approach can be taken on other parts of the body.

How does the Treatment Work?

A galvanic energy facial will take about an hour. It’s a two-step procedure and requires expertise from the clinician who is administering. Step one is to clean the skin pores with an appropriate gel. Step two involves another gel that’s applied to the skin, after which an electric current is used to generate the negative and positive ions that actually treat.

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Some Benefits of Galvanic Facials

Galvanic energy facials are considered to be “non-surgical face lifts”. The treatment enhances the skin’s blood circulation, which in turn serves to nourish the skin cells. Also, the treatment allows the skin to better absorb nutrients, which helps skin care products to better penetrate the skin. In most cases, wrinkles are smoothed, and muscles tightened.

This Treatment is not for Everyone

Generally, galvanic energy facials are suitable for most skin types. However, the treatment is not recommended for diabetics or those with circulation problems. Also, pregnant women should not be treated. In any event, a reputable skin care clinic will be able to advise a proper treatment plan based on an initial skin consultation and patient assessment.

Trying to Do a Home Galvanic Facial

Galvanic Energy Facial Treatments should be performed under the supervision of an expert. The equipment is specialized, and the treatment itself requires previous experience. In addition, the risk of doing something wrong just isn’t worth the consequences. Here, a good skin care clinic has the required expertise with both equipment and treatment.

Oxygenation/Detoxification of Skin.

With a galvanic energy facial, the skin is oxygenated and detoxified, and the treated area benefits from improved blood circulation. The treatment deeply cleanses the skin, eliminating impurities that contribute to the “lifeless” appearance of facial skin. Finally, skin care products can penetrate much more intensely, and with better healing benefits.

At IGBeauty Studio, the skin care team is trained and experienced with galvanic energy facials. The clinic has the most modern equipment and most current technology, along with aestheticians that know what’s best in terms of treatment. And with the very best skin products from around the world, clients can rest assured that they are in good hands.

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