Why you Should do Full Body Laser Hair Removal and Not One Part at a Time

June 27, 2016

Before laser hair removal, you probably tried it all – waxing, shaving, tweezing, plucking, depilatory creams, ANYTHING to remove your unwanted body hair! You spent so much time, money, and effort, only to discover how much more advanced and effective laser hair removal can be. Laser hair removal technology delivers a new option for hair removal that is affordable, safe and super effective. You know that laser hair removal treatments are typically the best way to achieve the stubble-free and smooth skin you’re after, but you may be wondering if it’s best to have laser hair removal done in sections, or to do full body hair removal in one session. Is there an actual benefit to doing it all at one time? Let’s discuss. 

Laser hair removal is the process of removing body hair with a laser light that converts to heat as it passes through your skin, damaging the hair follicle as the heat is absorbed by the melanin (or dark pigmentation of your hair follicle). At IGBeauty, our skin specialists use Lumenis’ new LightSheer Duet to remove the hair, and within about 5-6 treatments of laser hair removal, your skin will ultimately be hair free. The treatments inhibit the growth of your hair follicle and allow you to permanently enjoy soft, smoothe and hair-free skin. This recommended hair removal technology can be done just about anywhere on your body; legs, arms, back, bikini line – even in sensitive facial areas.

If you’re looking to remove hair from multiple areas, it is recommended, and more convenient, to do it all at once. It’s always more efficient to get laser hair removal done in one shot, rather than booking several treatment sessions to work on different parts of your body. It will allow your body to be on the same schedule, and stick to the routine provided by your laser hair removal expert at IGBeauty.

Before treatments, it’s important for you to know that if you need to be hairless before your appointment, you can only shave the area – and not wax it. The hair follicle needs to be fully intact for the heat from the laser to transfer. This makes it easier to do full body treatments rather than focusing on specific areas. It’s easier to manage shaving the areas all at one time before treatments, rather than breaking up the procedure in segments. It’s less time consuming and more convenient.

It’s also recommended to stay out of the sun before your appointment, as well as to avoid getting a spray tan, tanning lotions or getting into a tanning beds. For those who regularly tan, doing laser hair removal all at one time will allow you to get back into those tanning beds or use self-tanner sooner rather than later. Since the process is not broken up or spaced apart and your whole body will be hair free at the same time, you can get your tanned glow back as soon as possible. Those with sensitive skin may need to wear sunscreen when outside during the summer months to better protect the skin from harmful UV rays – this is easier to manage when treating the whole body all at one time. You may also be asked to avoid taking long, hot showers and using cosmetic products such as deodorants or perfumes that can cause irritation to sensitive skin. Since there are many things to watch out for, if you complete laser hair removal on your entire body at the same time, you can get back to your normal skin care regimen sooner.

To make your full body laser treatment even better, we provide an extra discount when you choose to do more body parts at a time. This means that getting laser hair removal done all at once can not only be more efficient and convenient, but more affordable as well! Speak with a skin care expert at IGBeauty by calling (416) 484-4884. Ask about our full body laser hair removal treatments to save you time, hassle and some extra cash!

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