New Year New Beginnings: Forget About all your Old Scars with Scar Reduction Therapy

December 12, 2016

We’ve all heard the expression “New Year, New You”. But sometimes it’s easier said than done, and oftentimes, we don’t need to make a major overhaul in order to see improvements. Rather than thinking of how to be a “New You”, start thinking of how you can be a “Better You”. Whether it comes to improving your confidence, treating those around you better, or achieving more success in life, if you plan for changes, they’re more likely to happen. At IG Beauty, we work to ensure that our clients feel as confident as possible. We frequently get clients that have suffered from acne or scarring in the past and are looking to improve the look of their skin. We’ll we have an answer for you: Scar Reduction Therapy.

How Scar Reduction Therapy can help?

Whether your scarring is from acne, burns, stretchmarks, C sections, the chicken pox, or a sports injury, and whether the scarring is on your face or your body, Scar Reduction Therapy can help. The therapy consists of using a device that applies fine needles to the skin. The needs are extremely small and thin, and are able to penetrate the skin to release scar tissue. Scar tissue is what gives the look of scarring on your skin. Once the scar tissues are released, the skin automatically repairs itself using new skin cells. Through this treatment, collagen is also generated, which helps to improve the look of your skin. Think of this treatment as an activation of the healing process your skin already does naturally. 


One of the additional benefits of the treatment in addition to reducing the look of scarring is that it also helps to reduce pore size, saggy skin, and pigmentation issues with the skin. It has anti-aging effects.

Scar Reduction Therapy typically takes 1 – 1.5 hours. The treatment starts with your skincare expert cleaning and disinfecting the area of your skin that’s being treated. After your treatment, you may notice some redness or swelling of the skin. This typically fades within a few hours, but your skin may have slightly pink tint for 12-24 hours. Within 2-6 weeks, once the skin naturally heals, you’re scarring will have gone down, and the pink or red tones will completely fade away, leaving soft and radiant skin in their place. Your skin will continue to improve over the following 6-12 months,

After your treatment, you may also experience dryness on your skin and some peeling. You can use a hydrating or soothing cleanser on your skin to maintain moisture. Your skincare expert will also tell you about any need for sunscreens or specific products after your treatment.

Scar Reduction Therapy works for all skin colours and skin types. Make sure you look and feel your best in 2017 – not as a “New You”, but a “Better You”. For more information or to book your first Scar Reduction Therapy treatment, give us a call at 416-484-4884 or send us an email at  

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