Finding a Laser Clinic in Toronto for The Best Laser Hair Removal Results

June 30, 2017

When looking for a laser clinic in Toronto, the best laser hair removal results are achieved with a professional team of aestheticians. As the popularity of the procedure grows, it becomes more and more important to choose a clinic wisely, and make sure that both equipment and staff are at a high standard. Here, it's advisable to choose a skin care clinic with laser equipment that is approved by Health Canada. Doing otherwise, could pose health risks and could potentially compromise results.

As a professional laser clinic in Toronto, IGBeauty Studio uses the LightSheer® DUET™ to provide the best laser hair removal results overall. The technology is Health Canada approved, and permanently removes body hair on the legs, back, and face. There's no more need to shave, wax, or undergo electrolysis. And today, laser clinic toronto leg hair removal pool girlLightSheer® DUET™ is both safe and affordable. It's a procedure that requires about 6 treatments in total, with each treatment removing more and more body hair.

IGBeauty Studio is a laser clinic in Toronto that offers clients the very best laser hair removal. The in-house team comprises licensed clinicians who are at the forefront of skin-care technology and are proficient with the latest treatments and techniques. Simply put, IGBeauty has found the ideal balance between the latest technologies and the highest quality skin products. For the typical client, it means that quality products and quality treatments are the focus of skin care at IGBeauty Studio.

LightSheer® DUET™  Approved by Health Canada

The best laser hair removal results are derived when using the best technologies. LightSheer® Duet™ is a non-invasive procedure that permanently removes body hair easily and effectively. Clients see noticeable results even after the first few sessions, although every client responds differently, depending on skin colour and hair colour. As a well-established laser clinic in Toronto,

IGBeauty Studio ensures the highest standard of skin care, with a team of skilled professionals.

Beyond removing hair permanently, laser hair removal also has some co-incidental benefits. In particular, women see a marked reduction of ingrown hairs. As well, the skin is rejuvenated, with improved skin tone and texture. In some cases, the benefits are quite far-reaching - improving blocked pores; reducing skin pigmentation; even reversing sun damage. But it's important to seek a professional clinic and insist on Health Canada approved technologies, like LightSheer® Duet™.

With LightSheer® Duet, IGBeauty Studio can practically guarantee the best laser hair removal results. The technology is “light based”, using a laser that emits a specific light-beam that targets both the hair and the hair follicle (the growth centre). When the laser impulse is absorbed by the hair follicle, the hair is actually destroyed, but without damaging any of the surrounding skin. Here again, it's the high-end technology and highly skilled skin care team that provides great results.

IGBeauty Studio invites clients for a custom profile and personal consultation at NO CHARGE. To schedule an appointment, call 647-764-7490 or 416-484-4884. For more information about products and services, visit the website at .

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