Facial Hair Removal For Men - A Growing Trend?

January 19, 2017

Many of our female clients swear by laser hair removal, and know tons of information about the effective and permanent solution to hair removal. Among men, laser hair removal tends to be less popular, which is best attributed to a lack of awareness about the service, or familiarity with how it can help manage their hair removal needs. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase of men using laser hair removal.

One of the most popular laser hair removal treatments for men is facial hair removal. One of the areas men spend time on the most is their face. Rather than shaving their facial hair every day, many men are turning to laser hair removal. Laser hair removal saves time as a permanent solution, and helps to avoid reactions like razor burn and nicks and cuts. Laser hair removal treatment is also a safe and effective method to improve pseudofolliculitis and reduce the risk of  ingrown hairs. Here’s everything you need to know about facial laser hair removal and why it’s a growing trend for men. 

Laser hair removal is a technique that leverages targeted beams of light towards hair follicles to eliminate them at the root. Through this process, smooth skin is achieved, and common side effects to shaving and waxing like bumps and razor burn are avoided. Laser hair removal can be used on both facial skin and the neck area, which is a common place for irritation among men. Some men choose to get laser hair removal along their entire beard, mustache, and neck area, while others only pursue laser hair removal along their necks. Ultimately, by removing all hair in the beard, mustache and neck area, men save tons of “mirror time” where they don’t need to spend time shaving in the morning, or getting a “5:00 shadow”. It also eliminates the potential for nicks and cuts through shaving. 

For men that don’t want a completely shaven look, laser hair removal can also be used for beard shaping. Some men want their facial hair to grow in certain areas, and laser hair removal can do just that – by eliminating the growth of hair in unwanted areas. For those that sport goatees, this can be an option that saves lots of shaving time, and ensures the hair grows only in the areas you want.

Laser hair removal can also be done to remove pesky ear and nostril hair, and for forehead hairline reshaping. It can be used for getting rid of unibrows (extremely common!) and for eyebrow shaping.

Because of the wide benefits of laser hair removal for facial hair, it’s not surprising that it is growing in popularity among men. If you’re interested in getting laser hair removal or you have additional questions that you’d like answered, feel free to give us a call at (416) 484-4884 or send us an email at Our laser hair removal experts will help you decide how many laser treatments you’ll need to remove or shape your facial hair, and will let you know the frequency of treatments that will work best for your needs. Stop wasting time in front of the mirror each day, and book a laser hair removal treatment to get rid of stubborn facial hair today! 

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