Facial hair - Causes and Treatments

November 21, 2016

It is not uncommon that you will find women and men going above and beyond to remove unwanted facial hair. It begins with tweezing one or two hairs, and ends up with monthly visits to the spa for waxing or threading. There are so many different ways that women and men can remove unwanted hair these days, that you may be wondering which method is right for you. At IGBeauty, we will ensure that your hair treatment is the right option for your needs. Let’s discuss the various options available to you. 

To begin with, hair in unwanted areas, such as facial hair, are mainly due to hormones. Everyone has some type of hair over their body, be it regular, dark hairs or “peach fuzz”. Women have peach fuzz on their faces, as it is a natural bodily instinct to have. However, upper lip hair, eyebrow and even cheek hair is most commonly a cause for increased levels of hormones. Removing those unwanted hairs is not uncommon, in fact, most people wish they could get rid of their unwanted hair for good, but settle for short-term options like shaving.

At IGBeauty, we offer a multitude of services to help out clients remove their unwanted hairs. From waxing to laser hair removal, our team knows how to effectively remove and prevent your unwanted hair from growing back. Our team offers some of the most comfortable waxing services in the city. Our team is trained to make sure your experience is not only comfortable, but worth it. We know that there is no such thing as a painless wax, but there is such a thing of a less painful wax.

Now that you know IGBeauty can offer you a less painful wax, you should know that we can also offer you the ability to manage and maintain your unwanted hair. Shaving is such a hassle, having to do it almost every time you shower in order to keep smooth looking skin can be frustrating. However waxing can help slow down the growth of your unwanted hair and make hair follicles come back thinner. The more often you wax your hair, the better and more long term results you will see.

Additionally, laser hair removal is one of the best solutions to removing unwanted hair. It is an amazing technology that has helped people reduce and remove their unwanted hair on all different parts of their bodies. Some of the most common areas for laser hair removal, for both men and women, are legs, underarms, lower back and even areas on the face, such as your cheeks. Laser hair removal effectively destroys your hair follicle root, reducing the chances of it growing back. Sessions to completely remove your hair can take anywhere between 1-6 appointments. It just depends on your skin type, hair type and even your reaction to the treatments.

These are two amazing opportunities to remove unwanted facial hair. Finding quick and effective ways, such as waxing or laser hair removal, will help you feel confident in your skin. For more information on our hair removal treatments, visit our website,, or call today to book an appointment at 416-484-4884. 

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