A Facial is a Great Gift at Any Time of the Year

December 24, 2017

Great gifts really don’t need a season or a reason, and a facial is a great gift at any time of year. It doesn’t matter who it is - mother, sister, daughter, or girlfriend – each of them will be delighted with the pampering. Best of all, there’s no age restriction – every woman loves to be spoiled.

In the cold, dry winter, facial skin takes a beating, and often needs some regeneration. That’s the time when a facial is a great gift to give. At IGBeauty Studio, there’s a facial for everyone, for every skin type, and for every skin condition. This is when every woman thinks a facial is a great gift.

Deep Cleansing Facial

The Deep Cleansing Facial begins with a cleansing and exfoliating process. It continues with an ozone facial steam that stimulates blood circulation, opens the pores, and oxygenates the skin. This treatment is specifically designed to remove excess sebum, blackheads, and whiteheads. The spa team at IGBeauty Studio uses vacuum suction, ultrasonic scrubbing, and other techniques to effectively cleanse deep pores, without leaving any unsightly marks on the skin’s surface.

Acne Treatment Facial

IGBeauty Studio offers a number of skin treatments that can help with acne-prone skin. In house skin specialists use the most advanced technology, including blue light therapy, galvanic therapy, and ozone therapy. Every acne treatment facial is customized to suit skin type and skin condition, and every effort is made to provide a quick and painless treatment (without scarring). IGBeauty Studio recommends a number of skin treatments to ensure the very best long-term results.

Anti-Aging Facial

The Anti-Aging Facial at IGBeauty Studio will feel like time is “turning back”. This facial treatment has proven to be beneficial for all skin types. In about an hour, this treatment protocol eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while improving skin tone and texture. The treatment has a dramatic “lifting effect”, restoring a youthful radiance to the skin. IGBeauty Studio suggests four anti-aging treatments for best outcomes. IGBeauty uses only the highest quality products.

Multi-Vitamin Facial

For those with dull, tired skin, the Multi-Vitamin Facial is ideal. At any age, this skin treatment brings out the natural glow of the skin, while restoring radiance and lustre even after the first clinic treatment. The skin experts at IGBeauty Studio use a blend of quality vitamins to remove skin surface debris while improving the skin’s elasticity, texture, and tone. Four treatments are recommended for the best results. Once finished, dull, tired skin becomes glowing and healthy.

At any time of year, and for any occasion, a facial is a great gift to give any woman on the list. At IGBeauty Studio, the clinic environment is professional and comforting, with a wide range of skincare services and treatments. Amongst the in house skin experts, the team includes a Medical Aesthetician and a Registered Nurse.

Clients at IGBeauty Studio count on the best quality skin care products, and skincare treatments that are safe and effective. For those who think that a facial is a great gift, contact the clinic at 416-484-4884, text at 647-764-7490, or e-mail at Check the company’s website for specials and promotions.

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