What to Expect After a Jet Peel

May 19, 2016

A jet peel is an innovative treatment that is gaining major popularity in the skincare market. It’s a non-invasive, all natural treatment that rejuvenates your skin in critical areas like your face, neck, and décolleté. A jet peel is designed to reduce and reverse signs of aging, acne scars, discoloration and uneven skin texture – to name a few. You might be wondering, what can I expect after a jet peel? Are they painful? Is there any downtime required? Our skincare experts at IGBeauty have the answers for you.

One of the many perks of receiving a jet peel is that it requires no downtime at all. There may be some pink/redness on the skin immediately after the treatment, but nothing that won’t go away within 10-20 minutes. Another advantage of a jet peel is that if you want to cover up the redness, you can put makeup on immediately after the treatment with no skin repercussions. We suggest that you do not exfoliate too soon after your treatment, as your skin will be mildly sensitive to extreme cleansing. However, washing your face normally and moisturizing will not cause any issues.

After a jet peel, you will typically be able to see immediate results. Your skin will not only feel fresh and clean, it will look it too. Your pores will be unclogged, and you will most definitely feel a softer texture to the skin. Your skin will look plumper, less shallow, and remind you of the way your skin looked a few years ago. You will also notice your skin becoming more hydrated, even if you are not moisturizing more frequently than before.

There are also many amazing long term benefits you can obtain after receiving a jet peel. For example, the more treatments you get, the better results you will witness over time. Although your fine lines and wrinkles may not disappear completely after your first few treatments, they will most definitely decrease in appearance. Additionally, your acne breakouts can become minimal with regular treatments.

At IGBeauty, our skincare experts will be able to recommend the best frequency for your jet peel treatments. We take your skin conditions and problem areas into account to create the optimal schedule for your skin. It is recommended that clients who want to see long lasting results attend anywhere between four to six treatments. Through attending these treatments and caring for your skin in between, you will most definitely see results.

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