Environmental Factors that Contribute to Acne

November 24, 2023

We have all had times when we loved our skin and other times, not so much. Acne is a common affliction that we can experience at any age, though it is persistent throughout adolescence. Even though acne is typically caused by genetic and hormonal factors, your environment can influence your skin's state. There are many ways to treat acne, whether acne facials in Toronto or taking medication to calm your skin. IGBeauty is a leading skin clinic in Toronto that provides various services to help treat acne. For a non-invasive but effective service, choose options like chemical peels and microneedling in Toronto. Explore our services or book a consultation with our specialists to see what's best for your skin. 

Factors That Aggravate Acne

Environmental Factors that Contribute to AcneDepending on the areas you tend to spend extended periods in can determine the condition of your skin. Here are a few factors that can negatively affect your skin:

The Seasons and Your Skin 

Have you ever noticed that you have better skin in the summertime? This is due to warmer air having moisture, restoring skin to a healthy state. In colder months, you may notice your skin gets drier quickly. 

The Impact of Air Pollution  

Contaminated air can contain bacteria that cause an increase in acne. This also comes with different work environments, with oils, greases and other chemicals that can be detrimental to skin. 

Overall Body Health

What one consumes and puts on their skin can also play a significant role in acne. Your skin is porous which means anything that you apply to the surface is absorbed into the skin and can directly impact its health.

Your Diet & Nutrition

Certain foods tend to promote acne. Things like fast food and dairy products can increase the risk of acne. To reduce acne, some specialists recommend sticking to anti-inflammatory foods and a low-glycemic diet, including grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as berries and other foods high in antioxidants.

  • Water intake: Ensure you are drinking enough water to hydrate your skin and rejuvenate youthful skin. 
  • Medication: Some medications' side effects can include acne. Precisely medication like lithium and certain anticonvulsants. Consult a medical professional to learn about the side effects of the medication you are taking. 

Despite strict dietary guidelines, increased water intakes, and changes in medication, many people still don’t see a change in their acne until they visit a skin clinic in Toronto. When you are frustrated with your options, explore the possibilities of acne facials in Toronto with IGBeauty. Our team is dedicated to providing you with tested and tailored solutions that offer noticeable results, so you can feel confident in your skin. 

Acne Treatments at a Skin Care Clinic Near You

Skin clinics in Toronto offer tons of ways to reduce acne and methods to treat it. At IGBeauty, we offer services that help to specifically treat acne. 

  • IPL Photofacial: This process consists of tiny pulses of light that treat the skin and focus on killing acne bacteria in the pores. It takes about 1-2 sessions, like laser treatments, for the M22 by Lumenis to generate meaningful results. It requires no rest time, and clients experience few side effects.
  • Acne Peels: Acne facials in Toronto like chemical peels are a great way to rejuvenate skin and treat acne. Techniques like blue light therapy and chemical peels can help treat acne without scarring and pain. Other facials are also available to prevent acne as well. 
  • Microneedling: Microneedling in Toronto is best used for acne scars and reducing the appearance of pores. Fine needles are applied to the skin and release old scar tissue. This promotes new skin cell production and boosts circulation. It also helps to produce new collagen, which helps to reduce wrinkles. 

Refresh Your Skin & Confidence with IGBeauty

Visit IGBeauty today if you are looking to treat your skin. Our team of trained and experienced specialists provide the best level of care with a range of services powered by proven technology and products. Call now to book a consultation with us and start your journey to healthier and youthful skin.

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