The End to Suffering From Ingrown Hairs

April 28, 2016

Ingrown hairs aren’t uncommon – simply put, these are hairs that have grown right into the skin. The fact is, most of our skin actually contains hair follicles, even in those areas that feel smooth to the touch. For men and women, areas of the body that have been shaved are far more likely to be disturbed by ingrown hairs. The good news is that there are solutions to end the suffering.

Most of the time, the first sign of an ingrown hair is some itching or irritability. The area gets red and looks very much like a pimple. But on closer scrutiny it’s clear that the hair is ingrown. The symptoms of ingrown hair vary with the individual, but it’s important to address the condition immediately, and to prevent the potential for infection. Here, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

While self-treatment for ingrown hairs may look like a good option, it’s better to have an expert assessment. This is especially true with more serious outbreaks, because the hair follicles may be involved to a greater extent than is visible. The thing is, chronic conditions need more attention, in terms of understanding symptoms, getting to the root cause(s), and considering treatment.

Hair can be ingrown in two ways. It can grow out of the hair follicle (usually without problems) and curl back as it pierces the skin. Or, it can become trapped under the skin, and grow sideways without piercing the skin. Both of these scenarios can cause the skin to react. Indeed, some skin types are known to be more prone to ingrown hairs – another reason for professional help.

There is great value in having a professional assessment with ingrown hairs. A good aesthetician can diagnose the condition, evaluate if there is any infection, and suggest a suitable approach to treatment. Indeed, there may even be some preventive actions that could be recommended in order to avoid a recurrence. Here again, a do-it-yourself treatment approach is undesirable.

Like most everything that is health related, preventive measures are best. And it’s the same with ingrown hairs, particularly when the condition is chronic. Special attention needs to be given to shaving tools and methods, and where possible, professional skin-care should be incorporated. Learning from a professional aesthetician can set the stage for much improved skin maintenance.

For many, permanent hair removal (like laser hair removal) could be an effective treatment for persistent conditions related to ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal will require several treatments to be fully effective, and of course, it necessitates professional attention. At IGBeauty Studio, the skin care team is highly experienced with laser hair removal, and expertly trained to treat.

Chronic or not, ingrown hairs often require treatment. And at IGBeauty Studio, the medical team can diagnose and counsel on the very best approach. The studio has the most modern equipment, the finest skin products on the market, and an expert skin-care team that focuses on client care. The emphasis is always on providing positive results.

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