Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal: Pros and Cons

August 16, 2017

The removal of unwanted body hair comes with many options but the two that are the most effective are laser hair removal and electrolysis. There is constant debate: electrolysis vs. laser hair removal, but both treatments are safe removal techniques that provide you with smooth, hairless skin. It’s a matter of personal taste.

Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is done by beaming highly concentrated light directly into the hair follicles. The follicles contain pigment which absorb the light a leading to the destruction of the hair. Although there are lasers involved in this hair removal process, there is no cause for concern. These are safe, specialized lasers that are designed to target hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin.

On the other hand, electrolysis uses an electric current to eliminate unwanted body hair. Using a fine electrode or metal probe that closely resembles a needle, each hair follicles is targeted so that the roots can be destroyed.

Because our hair grows in three stages, growing, resting and shedding, you will need multiple treatments no matter which type of hair removal you choose. Both treatments can remove hair from the face, leg, bikini line, arms, underarms, back and chest.

To fully understand the electrolysis vs. laser hair removal debate, let’s explore the pros and cons of each.

What are the pros of electrolysis?

Electrolysis is considered by many to be the best permanent hair removal process on the market. Moreover, because electrolysis can target the follicle and not just the hair’s pigment, all skin types and hair colours can benefit.

What are the cons of electrolysis?

If you’re going to undergo electrolysis, you’ll need to commit. It can take anywhere from 15-30 sessions and each comes with a hefty price. Also, if you’ve been waxing or tweezing previously, the hair follicles can become bent or misshapen making it harder to target the root. Finally, some people report that electrolysis feels like you’re being stung repeatedly while others report minimal discomfort.

What are the pros of laser hair removal?

The debate of electrolysis vs. laser hair removal has no simple answer. However, many people like the precision of the lasers because they can target the hair without harming the surrounding skin. Plus, laser hair removal is so fast that it only takes a fraction of a second to treat multiple hairs at once. Furthermore, laser hair removal takes between 3-7 sessions to complete.

What are the cons of laser hair removal?

Before undergoing laser hair removal treatment, you’ll need to stay out of the sun for at least six weeks. You’ll also need to avoid sun exposure for six weeks after your treatment. The sun’s harmful rays make the hair removal process less effective. Furthermore, you won’t be able to pluck, wax or use any other hair removal treatments for six weeks prior to your laser hair sessions. Finally, some say the pain level of laser hair removal minimally invasive and pain-free however some say pain is similar to waxing.

Electrolysis vs. laser hair removal: Which hair removal method is best for you?

No matter which type of hair removal method you choose, ensure that you visit a clinic that is FDA and Health Canada approved. Important that the clinic uses only the safest and best materials so that your hair removal experience goes off without a hitch.

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