The Difference Between the Results of Surgical and Non Surgical Facelifts

November 29, 2016

You may have heard stories from people who have had surgical facelifts that would turn people off from getting them. Stories of people coming out with botched surgery, or terrible scarring afterwards. If you’re looking for fresh and younger looking skin, but don’t want to have to risk the potential consequences of a surgical facelift, then getting a non surgical face lift is your answer!

            Non surgical facelifts are becoming increasingly popular, as people want to have the ability to go in for a session and be able to continue their day right after. Surgical facelifts can take multiple days to recover from, whereas for non surgical facelifts, you can walk right out and continue your day. The main difference between surgical and non surgical facelifts is that non surgical may require a few sessions to complete or to see a difference in your skin, where as a surgical facelift is usually a one time operation. 

            How the non surgical facelift works is through the innovative TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Our estheticians use the TriPollar handpiece around targeted areas of the skin. The machine then pulses over your skin and penetrates its radio-frequency through the skin to achieve a deep-heating effect that activates cells called “fibroblasts”. As the fibroblast are stimulated, they synthesize the extracellular matrix which makes your collagen fiber strands become tighter. This boosts the elasticity of the skin and tightens it, giving the skin a younger look, with a long-lasting effect that doesn’t fade quickly away. If you would like to remove  a  double chin, these pulses can also help break up fat cells and disperse them underneath the skin for a flatter surface. Ultimately, through this treatment, you’ll decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles, just like a newly paved road.

            The non surgical facelift is painless. This method ensures that all of our patients are comfortable and are able to continue on their day after their sessions. If you were to be getting a surgical facelift, the difference in pain would be astronomical. The way plastic surgeons do facelifts is through an incision around the edge of the face to pull the skin to make it tighter. Even the thought of this procedure gives you pain, whereas the non surgical facelifts are harmless. To be able to walk out of the door after your session with younger looking skin is an amazing step in the development of skin care.

            Finally, the difference between non surgical and surgical facelifts are the feel and look of natural beauty. There tends to be times where you can see if a person has had a facelift, especially if it was not done by some of the best professionals. However, when you get a non surgical facelift, no one will be able to understand how your skin became so youthful and gorgeous again! There is no recovery time, no incision, no evidence of how your skin came to be flawless. It is one of our best kept skin care secrets!

            So, show your friends how beautiful you are, without the consequences or tell-tale signs of surgery. For more information, visit our website,, or call us to book an appointment for your non surgical facelift at 416-484-4884.

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