Determining When Cellulite Reduction Is The Best Option

April 03, 2017

Years ago, cellulite reduction treatments were most common with high profile clientele and those who could well afford the luxury. Today, the treatments have become increasingly popular and include practically every demographic. In general, cellulite is found in the thigh area and below the buttock area. Statistically, it is far more common in women, mainly because of the difference in distribution of muscle and fat in the body.

The development of body cellulite is quite normal. And while not everyone experiences it, the main factors that affect development are genes, body fat, and age. To be sure, there are some other causes of cellulite: like metabolism, hormones, diet, and physical activity – all of which will determine the extent of cellulite in the body. Clearly, reducing weight by diet and exercise would be an excellent first step in reducing cellulite.

While there are various non-invasive options for cellulite reduction, as well as so-called natural options, many patients are opting for more elaborate procedures available from experienced skin care professionals. Needless to say, procedures range in price right across the spectrum, and the results may vary from short term to longer term. What’s most important is to understand all of the pros and cons, and make astute decisions.

Amongst the countless options for cellulite reduction, the TriLipo Med technology is recognized as one of the better approaches available today. The technology is clinically proven, and regarded as non-surgical and non-invasive. In some cases, TriLipo Med can produce visible results, even after the first treatment. However, like many other procedures, several treatments are suggested for results that would be longer lasting.

TriLipo MED is a walk-in and walk-out clinic procedure. It means that neither the treatment nor the after effects will in any way compromise the business day or daily routine. It has been proven effective with all skin types, and presents a consistent improvement one treatment after another. Without any associated pain, and without the need for a recovery period, day-to-day activity can resume as usual right after a treatment.

What is unique with TriLipo MED is the use of “radio waves” to warm up body fat under the skin. This serves to actually “melt” the fat away. In addition, there is a muscle activation component that releases fat through the lymphatic nodes. Essentially, the TriLipo MED technology eliminates undesirable fat and tones the muscles in the same treatment. Administered by a professional, the overall results are visible and obvious.

Another aspect of the treatment is designed to rejuvenate the outermost layer of the skin. The idea is to use radio-frequency energy to penetrate the skin, thus creating micro-wounds. Old, damaged skin is consequently removed and replaced with new, healthy skin. More than that, with Dynamic Muscle Activation, underlying muscles are strengthened and toned. With TriLipo MED, cellulite reduction is comprehensive.

TriLipo MED is state-of-the-art technology, requiring a professional skin care specialist with the right experience. Needless to say, after treatment, a healthy regimen should include a good diet and regular exercise. At IGBeauty Studio, clients can rely on the expertise of a highly skilled team, with in-depth experience in cellulite reduction. For more information, contact us at 416-484-4884 or visit

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