Causes and Treatments of Acne

November 24, 2016

There are infinite causes of acne that for almost anything you do, eat, or put on your face. Simply put, there are many things that could make you break out. The first and foremost cause of acne is hormonal. A lot of younger girls and boys will experience acne breakouts in their youth. This is because their body is going through hormonal changes. The second leading cause of acne is your diet. The way you eat and the way your maintain your body and health can cause breakouts, and this can happen to anyone, at any age.

There are certain areas around your face that can point to what is causing your breakout. For example, the area around your chin and jawline point to stress and sugar intake. Breaking out on your t-zone area, across your forehead and your nose, is cause for pollution and dirt. Finally, the area around your hairline, your upper forehead or cheeks, is usually do to sweat and dirt as well.

One of the main treatments for acne, no matter how many times you may hear this in your lifetime, is drinking water. Staying hydrated will ensure your skin stays smooth and removes clogged pores. However, that is just one trick out of a dozen that can help you prevent or get rid of acne.

The next best thing to drinking tons of water are facials. Facials are so important to maintain, even when you are young, boy or girl. Facials will help clean and unclog your pores. Clogged pores are what acne stems from, and being able to remove any bacteria from your skin will help ensure you do not breakout. At IGBeauty, we offer a multitude of facials that can help target specific areas and problems on the skin.

For example, our acne treatment facial specifically targets congestion and blemishes, either to prevent or to decrease the amount on your skin. The acne treatment facial uses a multitude of techniques to ensure your skin becomes clearer and fresher. Between a jet peel, light therapy and cosmetic solutions, you will be able to see a difference in how your skin looks and feels. It will also help prevent future breakouts for occurring. Getting a facial every month or two will help maintain clear looking skin.

Additionally, our deep cleansing facial targets any issues that may be stemming from below the skin. For example, the techniques for the deep cleansing facial will penetrate underneath the skin, grabbing anything that could potentially make you break out, out of your skin deepest pores. It will help clear congested pores, as well as reduce oil and blockages for the future.

At IGBeauty, we offer a multitude of different skin care treatments that can help reduce and even prevent acne from occurring. Whether you are young or old, boy or girl, man or woman, we have the ability to make you confident in your skin. For more information on different acne treatments, or to book a treatment at our location, visit or call 416-484-4884 to speak to skin care professional. We are happy to help you find what treatment is best for your skin type and condition! 

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