Can I Stop Ingrown Hairs with Laser Hair Removal? 

November 21, 2019

Ingrown hairs can be the worst on so many levels.  They are extremely painful and uncomfortable, and can lead to inflammation, scarring and redness.  Anytime you wax or shave, they seem to pop up a few days later, no matter what.

What is the best solution for ingrown hairs? The answer, laser hair removal treatments! These treatments will help you with persistent and stubborn ingrown hair issues from your legs up to your face. Whether you are waxing your bikini line or shaving your neck, when it comes to combatting ingrown hairs, laser hair removal is the best for women and men!


What causes an ingrown hair?

We all can get ingrown hairs. However, the issue is more common in those who have coarse, thick or curly hair. The issue with curly hair is that it is highly possible that the hair will twist back and re-enter the skin, especially when it has been cut or shaved.

Ingrown hairs can also occur in people with high quantities of certain sex hormones, as they will experience excessive hair growth more than others.

Ingrown hairs are also more common in African American people as well as those of Hispanic descent as they are genetically predisposed to the development of curly or thick hair which then creates a specific type of ingrown hair called pseudo folliculitis, more universally known as ‘razor bumps’. This grouping of small bumps is commonly found on the beard area after you have shaved, waxed or tweezed in order to remove unwelcome hair. The hair that does grow back tends to have a sharper edge, and therefore can easily push back into the skin and will get stuck under the skin’s surface.

Everyone who has hair removed, in any specific area will frequently see the development of ingrown hairs, and they are more common on the legs, face, underarms and bikini region. While they are normally not too serious to get medical intervention, popping and scratching them can lead to scarring and bacteria infections. Laser hair removal treatments will get rid of ingrown hairs and discontinue them from evolving at their root.


How does laser hair removal help with ingrown hairs?

At IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic we highly recommend laser hair removal to eliminate ingrown hairs. The reason that the laser process is great for getting rid of an ingrown hair is because it destroys the hair shaft, so there is virtually no chance that the hair can start to grow up again and then curl under, which is essentially what an ingrown hair is. By burning the follicle, laser hair removal does not give tenacious hair a chance to grow back in a slanting direction or coil in, on itself. If and when the hair grows back, it drives easily through the opening of your skin. Normally after 2-3 laser hair removal treatments, you will have much less hair to deal with, which will take away the small bumps as well. 


IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic uses the best laser hair removal technology to combat ingrown hairs!

Our LightSheer DUET system uses Diode 810nm laser to target your unwanted hair without damaging your surrounding skin, by adjusting the process according to your hair and skin texture and type. This particular product uses semi electrode technology to create a projection of infrared light. The light beam is extremely concentrated and focuses on the specific chromophores, which are defined as ‘a group or atoms whose presence is responsible for the color of a compound’ of your skin, such as melanin, and is typically absorbed by the pigment or color located within your hair follicles. We also like to use the GentleMax Pro laser system, which uses Nd YAG technology to target dark and/or fine hair with less contrast between your skin, while Alexandrite 775nm technology is great at targeting fine hair, which may have little pigment left.

No matter where the specific ingrown hairs are an issue, IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic can help you. By choosing laser hair removal treatments, you will get rid of the source of the hair growth itself, which in turn can help the hair not want to grow past the follicle anymore. Do not live with the discomfort of ingrown hairs – fight back against those stubborn hairs, with laser hair removal!  Our team is extremely experienced in laser hair removal technology, and they will guide you through all the necessary steps of the laser hair removal process.  Additionally they will develop an action plan to meet your personal needs and expectations. Call IGBeauty Laser & Skin clinic today at 416.484.4884 or visit to book your first complimentary session with one of our laser hair removal specialists.

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