Causes of Blemishes and How to Treat them

June 17, 2016

It happens to the best of us, we wake up to start our day with an unsightly and embarrassing blemish that seemingly developed over-night. These inconvenient horrors can appear anywhere on our faces and vary in size – some visibly elevated and bumpy while some blemishes appear slightly discoloured and flat. Often these bumps are filled with pus and can be very sore and painful. With proper treatment, you can manage your blemish problems and heal them within days. Let’s review the root causes and how to treat them right away.

Blemishes do not discriminate – both men and women from all ethnicities and walks of life can suffer from blemishes. There are several different types of blemishes – and we’ve all experienced them at some point or another. The good news is that there are numerous treatment options available. The most obvious form of blemish is caused by an outbreak of acne and can be treated with topical medicated creams. Acne blemishes are most common in pre-teens to young adults, however these types of blemishes can affect adults and older people as well. While over-the-counter products have shown a proven track record for positive results, in severe acne cases, a prescribed medicated topical cream may be recommended and obtained by visiting your dermatologist or skin specialist. Regular facials can also help to prevent and treat blemishes.

There are other types of blemishes that are unrelated to acne and can affect just about anyone. Certain medications, cosmetic products or exposure to chemicals or the sun can cause blemishes. In these instances, redness and inflammation will develop. These blemishes are most often the symptom or reaction cause by exposure to these irritants. Such irritants can also be found in laundry detergents, soaps, perfumes and deodorants among many things. For these types of blemishes, you’ll want to speak to your dermatologist or skin care expect to find the right solution for your needs.

Women suffer more often than men from blemishes due to hormonal changes. It is common for women approaching menopause or during pregnancy to experience outbreaks in blemishes due to the hormonal activity in the body (an increase in certain hormones result to an increase in the production of oil in your skin glands which cause clogged pores and the development of blemishes). You can also be more likely to break out around your period.

Genetics can also be a factor in the likelihood of developing blemishes overtime. If your parents were prone to acne blemishes and eczema, there is a higher chance you may suffer from the same fate.

The most effective methods for treating blemishes can be found at IGBeauty, one of Toronto’s premier destination for blemish prevention and treatment. Depending on the severity and nature of your blemishes, IGBeauty’s experts may suggest exfoliating facial masks or peels to help unclog pores and remove dirt and oil. There are a variety of skin treatments available and based on your skin’s condition; our skin care specialists will provide the best solution for your needs. Don’t get embarrassed over those blemishes – it happens to just about everyone! Give us a call at (416) 484-4884 to book an appointment and get the care your skin needs at IGBeauty.

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