Getting Your Body “Bikini Ready” For Summer

April 25, 2016

As summer approaches, getting that “bikini ready” body becomes more and more of a priority. For some, that perfect bikini line is important for both physical appearance and personal esteem. But the real challenge arises when its time to decide how to do it – effectively, and with the least amount of pain. The truth is, there are so many options today for hair removal that deciding can be problematical. Clearly, understanding the pros and cons helps with better decision-making.

Traditional shaving is always an option. There are many pre-shave products; there are a variety of blades and shavers; and there are plenty of after-shave products to choose. All in all, shaving is very much a do-it-yourself method of hair removal, and with the usual downsides – like irritation, razor-rash, and the potential for follicle infection. Shaving is also a continual process, requiring ongoing maintenance – so it’s important to assess the pros and cons when deciding yes or no.

Today, there are also “hair inhibitors” on the market. Some of them claim to be natural, some of them are made with plant extracts, and others are chemically based. While results will vary with each product and treatment, none of these are known to make an area completely hairless. At the very best, they will set the stage for less frequent shaving or waxing. Here again, it’s important to weigh the amount of work involved with the results – sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

For those who decide to wax (whether at-home or in-spa), the upsides/downsides are already well known from previous experience.  Here again, there are countless products and techniques, and plenty of industry advice on what to do and what not. For some, waxing might have more negatives than positives (like pain), and this is where a good skin care studio can be valuable. It’s the professionals who can offer expert advice on what’s most suitable, based on personal needs.

All things considered, laser hair removal has become one of the most popular approaches in more recent years. It’s the perfect answer for those getting ‘bikini ready” – an easy, fast, and effective method. Best of all, laser technology allows for a customized approach to hair removal, removing as much, or as little, as the client demands. And with fabulous results, there’s no more need to shave or wax, and none of the unwanted consequences like razor burns or “five o’clock shadow”.

Laser hair removal is considered to be a specialized treatment, and will therefore be more costly than many of the other techniques. But the results are more effective and longer lasting, making for far better value over the long term. What’s most important, however, is to seek a reputable, established skin care clinic, with staff that specializes in laser hair removal. At IGBeauty Studio, clinicians can personally advise on the number of treatments required and results expectations.

For those who prefer permanent hair removal when getting “bikini ready”, laser hair removal is recommended. And at IGBeauty Studio, a professional approach ensures the safest, most effective treatment available.

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