Options for Bikini Laser Hair Removal

August 08, 2016

Summer is here and you’re looking to clock-in your beach time all season long. You get ready for picnic, swimming, and other beach activities by buying new swim suits, bikini, sunscreen, and beach towels. You call up your friends and family to plan big summer events ahead of time. You go to the gym to tone your muscle and get that picture perfect summer body, and you’re almost ready! The next most important thing on your summer checklist is to get that hairless and smooth skin. Laser hair removal is one the most effective hair removal treatments you can find, especially for your bikini line. If you’re looking to get laser hair removal, read this article to know all the options available to you. There are four common options that you can consider when getting your bikini laser hair removal:

1. Classic Bikini

The most basic treatment. You will get any hair that goes beyond your bikini line removed. The basic bikini hair removal only covers hair that is outside of your panty line, usually covering 2 to 3 inches of your panty line or bathing suit. This treatment is great for those who want to leave their private area alone and just want to show off perfect bikini skin.

2. Bikini+

An upgrade from Classic Bikini. You will get both the hair outside of your panty line and above your panty line removed. This treatment is suitable for those who want to get a little more hair removed from your front than a classic bikini, but not as much as Modest Brazilian.

3. Modest Brazilian

This is our most popular options in the summer. With this treatment, you will get to remove  everything except the front strip. Whatever is covered in the bikini treatment (i.e: hair alongside your panty line) plus any hair on your front area besides the front strip can be removed. You are given the option to take off as much or as little hair from your front area; your beauty technician might also ask you whether you would like to shape your remaining hair in a certain shape, commonly offered: square, triangle, and circle. If you’d like, a customized shape might be available at an extra cost depending on your beautician ability. The treatment will also remove the hair in the labia. Your back area will be left untreated. This alternative is great for someone who wants to have an organized hair and hairless skin elsewhere on their front area, on top of removing hair from their bikini line. IG Beauty offers two Brazilian treatments.

4. Bikini Brazilian

The last and the most complete treatment is the bald. This option offers a complete treatment that includes what is offered in a Brazilian package plus the back area, but this package only has the option to clean shave everything. This option is suitable for those who want to have clear skin, with nothing left!

Any of these options are great if you want to get your summer bikini skin ready, especially if you have sensitive skin. Laser hair removal is a quick and safe procedure, and it will not leave shaving bumps, burns or cuts. Do note that laser hair removal is more suitable for fairer complexion with darker colored hair, so make sure to consult a professional before going ahead with the procedure. Feel free to call us at 647-764-7490 or email us at for more information or to book an appointment. Get ready for summer and get ready for looking amazing in that swimsuit!

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