Benefits of Jet Peels

January 14, 2016

Ever wonder what it would be like to have perfect, soft and blemish free skin? How about scar or wrinkle free skin? There are thousands of different creams and face cleansers that say they work to rejuvenate your skin, but in reality, you may not see such dramatic results. When you receive a professional beauty treatment, you get access to treatments that can provide results in as little as one session. In this article we’ll explore one of our favourite offering here at IGBeauty: jet peels.

Jet peels were created to increase your skin’s dead cell turnover rate in order to rejuvenate your skin with new skin cells. Jet peels exfoliate your skin and remove dead layers of skin cells that prevent your skin from staying fresh, moisturized and oxygenized. Not only do jet peels rejuvenate your skin, they also help remove the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, enlarged pores and signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

How the jet peels work, is through a painless, “pressurized” cleanse that exfoliates your skin at a high speed, clearing out your pores and removing any dead skin cells. Through the pressurized exfoliant, you will be able to see fast results in as little to 1-3 treatments. Plus, there is no need for any recovery time. You can continue on in your day right after your treatment!

Although jet peels are primarily used to treat the skin on your face, you can also have the treatment performed on your neck and lower neck line around your collar bones. As well, if you need the jet peel treatment anywhere else on your body, it can be done. Although the face is the most common place on the body for rejuvenating jet peels, they can also help eliminate the look of stretch marks on the body. You can get the treatment wherever you and your beauty professional see fit!

Additional benefits of jet peel treatments include the hydration of the skin, elimination of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and the stimulation of collagen on the skin being treated. The stimulation of collagen helps eliminate the looks of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, as the collagen will fill in these lines. As well, through the hydration of the skin, you will be able to see better results from your makeup products! So many of us have invested in tons of makeup products to accentuate our beauty, but have never been able to use them properly because you were afraid of your skin texture, wrinkles or dark spots. After a jet peel treatment, you will be able to see the difference of how your makeup looked before and after! It truly is an amazing difference to see and feel!

If you are looking for a beauty and skin spa that offers jet peel treatments, visit IGBeauty. Our skin professionals offer some of the best jet peels in Toronto. Another place to gather information regarding IGBeauty’s jet peels, and all of their other services is our website, You can also contact us at 647-764-7490

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