Before and After Dermaroller® Treatment

July 25, 2017

With the authentic Dermaroller® micro-needling system, noticeable results are only a few clinic treatments away. Dermaroller® is the authentic Collagen Induction Therapy that is licensed by Health Canada. The system is clinically proven, and precision-manufactured for use by aesthetic professionals throughout the skin care industry. Under professional supervision, clients report a marked difference in specific skin conditions before and after Dermaroller® treatment.

For the best results before and after Dermaroller® treatment, it’s important to be treated with the highest quality equipment and the best quality skin care products. Anything short could damage the skin and produce the most undesirable results (sometimes permanently).  For many, the Dermaroller® micro-needling system produces very impressive skin improvement - but it’s a skin care protocol that requires a serious commitment to “follow-up” maintenance at home.

Collagen Induction Therapy DermarollerFor success, Dermaroller® requires professional treatment and home maintenance

With a professional in-clinic treatment, the Dermaroller® procedure triggers a healing process known as Collagen Induction Therapy. And while the clinic treatment is absolutely essential in getting things started, home care is designed to promote the absorption of healthy vitamins and minerals. The home-care component of Dermaroller® is not considered to be CIT. All of the home-care products are 100% natural and paraben-free.

Dermaroller® Home Care System and home care products ensure a complete protocol

The home-care system makes use of a home-care roller (as well as skin products) to provide the complete Dermaroller® protocol. Home-care is focused on the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals that promote skin healing, and generate new skin cells and collagen. Home-care products are formulated to treat the skin between professional Dermaroller® treatments.

In combination, the before and after Dermaroller® treatment plan ensures long-term results. At the IGBeauty Studio, clinicians can provide printed materials to clearly explain the Dermaroller® system; elaborate on the Clinic/Home Care Protocol; and describe all of the skin care products.

Professional Dermaroller® treatments followed by post care maintenance at home

The team at IGBeauty Studio recommends THREE Dermaroller® treatments, with 6 to 8 weeks between. The skin needs to adequately heal between treatments. Importantly, more frequent treatments will not yield better or faster results.

After a clinic treatment, it’s recommended NOT TO USE makeup for 24 hours. As for the post-treatment skin care products, these should be Dermaroller® approved. It’s also important to refrain from exercise and avoid sun for 24 hours.

Choose the authentic Dermaroller® micro-needling system from IGBeauty Studio

For the best in before and after Dermaroller® treatment, you can count on the professionals at IGBeauty Studio. We are highly skilled with the technology and knowledgeable with the special skin products. Prior to treatment, clinic clients are offered a personalized skin-care consultation to assess specific skin conditions. This allows us to recommend the best treatment protocol, and ensure the best results. To schedule a personal appointment, call the IGBeauty Studio directly at 647-764-7490 or 416-484-4884. For more specific information about skin-care treatments and procedures, visit the clinic website at .

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