The Journey To Younger Looking Skin Starts At Home

March 28, 2017

For every woman, at every age, proper skin care is important all of the time, especially between clinic appointments. Many women already engage in some professional skin care treatments, and for older women, preventive anti-aging measures are part of the regimen. But clearly, it’s just as important to maintain and nourish the skin at home, and between regular clinic appointments.

The truth is, there can be a good balance between day-to-day skin care at home, and the special treatments available at a skin care clinic. More than that, weekly skin care routines do not have to entail high priced products and mass advertised “miracle” solutions. Between appointments, the best approach is a balanced approach that focuses on clean, healthy, and vitalized skin.

Beyond the professional services available at a skin care clinic, it’s the professional advice that keeps the momentum going at home. After all, every skin type is different, and therefore needs a different approach. What’s advisable for someone with sensitive, dry skin will not be advisable for someone with skin that is acne-prone. This is where expert advice is valuable.

Rule number one for everyone is to cleanse the skin every day. For those who wear makeup on a daily basis, cleansing is particularly critical. For those who are exposed to the sun during the day, moisturizing is a high priority. But whatever the case, the key is to keep the skin clean, while preventing dirt from building up in the pores. Skin has to breathe to keep healthy.

As for professional skin care, this too has a relevant place. Sometimes, it might be about indulging in a facial, but for most, it’s about treating certain conditions, some of which may be more serious than others. Acute or chronic acne, for instance, requires the expertise of a trained aesthetician to get good results.  It’s simply a matter of recommending a treatment protocol that suits the need.

Professional skin care clinicians will recommend products that best suit the skin type. To be sure, it’s not advisable to jump on highly advertised products, and potentially choose the wrong option. With advice from a trusted professional, skin type and condition can be suitably addressed with a personalized assessment. This is the way to choose the appropriate products and treatments.

A better clinic will always start things off with a comprehensive personal consultation - it should actually be an expectation for every new patient. After all, this will set the stage for a customized approach to clinic care, and good recommendations for home care. Important for every patient is to feel confident with the professional advice and with the overall clinic environment.

At IGBeauty Studio, clients are assured of professionalism from the very first visit. Services range from more basic cosmetic procedures, to highly specialized laser treatments, with skin specialists who offer clients specific solutions for specific skin conditions. At IGBeauty Studio, in-house clinicians are fully licensed, and consistently up to date with the latest trends in technology, procedures, and products.

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