5 Reasons to Get Laser Wrinkle Removal

November 12, 2017

Depending on the condition of the skin, every patient has a reason to get laser wrinkle removal. With age, skin loses elasticity and skin collagen decreases in production. This in itself is a reason to get laser wrinkle removal. But whatever the cause of wrinkles (personal genetics, sun damage, even tobacco use), there are treatments that can provide improvement. As such, every patient has a different reason to get laser wrinkle removal, and every patient derives different results.

1. Non-invasive and non-surgical

One reason to get laser wrinkle removal is the safe and simple procedure. It’s non-invasive and non-surgical, and can often be completed during “lunch time”. Laser wrinkle removal is virtually pain-free, and with minimal recovery required. The most discomfort that a patient experiences is slight prickling when the ResurFX™ laser device is applied. Other than that, there is no discomfort associated with either the IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light) or the ResurFX™ treatments. Patients can also rest assured that this technology is Health Canada approved.

2. Long lasting proven results

Another reason to get laser wrinkle removal is the proven results. With the latest advances in technology, the laser is effective on the first pass, without the need for a second pass. In a few clinic treatments, ResurFX™ offers excellent results. This is because of the laser’s precision to penetrate the skin only in the treatment area. In some cases, there is redness or swelling of the skin, but this will diminish and disappear quite quickly after treatment. As the skin collagen begins to regenerate, improved skin tone and texture will last for up to six months. 

3. Minimally painful procedure

With ResurFX™, the built in “Cooling Technology” makes for a treatment that is minimally painful. The laser device is equipped with an advanced “Cool Scan” mode that protects the skin tissue from excessive heat accumulation and any overheating. During a treatment, patients feel a cool sensation around the treated area of skin, and therefore any discomfort is minimized. Unlike many of the other procedures for laser wrinkle removal, ResurFX™ allows patients to resume daily routines and activities immediately after treatment (or possibly the next day).

4. More than wrinkle removal

Using the M22™ Universal IPL technology, treatment protocols have proven effective for more than just wrinkle removal. With professional attention, a wide range of skin conditions can be treated:  rosacea; broken capillaries; acne scarring; and skin pigmentation. As a technology, M22™ Universal IPL is based on an Intense Pulsed Light laser that is specifically designed to treat a wide variety of skin issues related to pigmentation – everything from sun damage, to skin discoloration, to broken blood vessels. The results are noticeable almost immediately.

5. Combination of technologies 

The combination of M22™ Universal IPL and ResurFX™ is the recipe for success. This is truly a one-treatment approach to complete skin rejuvenation. The beauty, of course, is that a number of issues can be addressed at one time. Patients young and old derive benefit from the combined treatment protocol. ResurFX™ and M22™ Universal IPL can work together or individually, all depending on the extent of skin damage and patient need. Most importantly, these are technology procedures that require the experience and expertise of a trained skin care practitioner.

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