The Nd:YAG Laser for Laser Hair Removal

July 22, 2019

Laser Hair Removal with the Nd:YAG laser

Many men and women struggle with excess hair they want to remove, requiring costly and time-consuming shaving or waxing treatments. Laser hair removal is an outstanding option for long-lasting, precise and safe hair removal by professionals. Learn more about some of the laser treatment services offered by IGBeauty Laser and Skin Clinic below, including Nd:YAG procedures.

How does Nd:YAG laser work?

Nd:YAG is a type of laser treatment that utilizes short bursts of highly concentrated light on targeted areas. Similar to other cosmetic laser treatment, Nd:YAG can be used to treat everything from age spots and wrinkles to the removal of tattoos. Nd:YAG stands for neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, and even though it may sound like a mouthful, it’s a technical term for a laser treatment that is “non-wounding” and can be used for very delicate procedures. It works gently to perform common cosmetic laser procedures, including hair removal, while minimizing any potential skin damage. Briefly, Nd:YAG, like other hair removal techniques, is able to damage hair follicles to gradually make them unable to regrow hair. This occurs through the attraction of the laser light to the melanin in the hair follicle, allowing the light to induce permanent damage and prevent any hair regrowth. For individuals with dark or brown hair, these treatments will result in permanent hair removal. Unfortunately, because the technology relies on melanin in the hair follicle, laser hair removal often does not work on blonde, red or grey hair, which all have reduced levels of melanin. However, there are alternatives for treatment of these hair types. IGBeauty Laser and Skin Clinic can help you learn about your options and provide you with a personalized treatment plan for your specific cosmetic needs.

Is the Nd:YAG laser safe?Technician using Nd:Yag Laser at IGBeauty Laser Clinic in Toronto

Nd:YAG laser treatments are broadly used for medical and cosmetic treatments and are exceptionally safe. Since the technology is used for non-invasive treatments, there is very minimal risk associated with Nd:YAG procedures. Scarring, burning and hyperpigmentation can occur if you do not properly prepare for the procedure or follow the post-procedure instructions. However, as long as you follow directions and after-care instructions, you should experience no significant side effects. Mild redness and irritation can occur following the procedure, but this will fade within a few days and can be treated with application of a cooling gel or ice pack.

Is Nd:YAG laser hair removal permanent?

Nd:YAG laser hair removal is very effective and long-lasting, but it is possible that you may need touch-ups over time. It is impossible to completely remove all hair in a given area, but the procedure results in most individuals only needing 1-2 “touch-up” sessions per year to maintain their results.  

What can the Nd:YAG laser treat besides laser hair removal?

Nd:YAG can be used for a variety of cosmetic procedures, including laser hair removal. It can also be used for laser vein removal, nail fungus treatments, laser skin tightening, laser liposuction, wart removal and tummy tuck scar treatments.

We use Nd:YAG for wart treatments

            At IGBeauty Laser and Skin Clinic, we also use Nd:YAG treatment to remove warts. These blemishes can appear suddenly and last for an extended period. Warts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but each type can be safely treated using the Nd:YAG laser. The heat from the laser treatment can destroy parasitic fungi that cause wart infections, and the blemish will be completely removed within two treatments. The best part about laser wart removal is that the surrounding skin and tissues are not damaged, only the visible blemish caused by the parasitic infection.

Reducing the signs of aging with Nd:YAG treatment

Nd:YAG laser treatments are effective for reducing the signs of aging, and can be used for skin and jawline tightening. The Nd:YAG laser uses a beam of energy to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and stimulate collagen formation, increasing skin’s tightness and firmness. These treatments can be applied to the jawline and upper neck to improve definition and provide a more tight, youthful complexion. Nd:YAG treatments can also be used to rejuvenate the skin, to reduce dullness, pore size and redness as well as other complexion issues. Visible improvement is usually noticeable within the first few treatments and depending on the individual, transformative change can be achieved within a few months.

At IGBeauty Laser and Skin Clinic, our expert team provides a range of services and treatments to meet your personal needs. Whether you are looking to reduce the appearance of scars, improve your complexion, remove unwanted hair or reduce the signs of aging, our team can provide you with safe and effective solutions to your skincare problems. To learn more about our services or to book a consultation with one of our experts, contact IGBeauty Laser and Skin Clinic at 416-484-4884 today.

Nd:YAG: Safe and efficient hair removal for all skin types

Nd:YAG is a top-of-the-line technology to effectively and safely treat all skin types. Nd:YAG is especially effective for laser hair removal on darker skin types. The experienced team at IGBeauty can treat the unique skin-related conditions of individuals with dark skin, including laser hair removal, acne scar removal, and other pigmentation issues. Due to the unique hair follicles in dark-skinned individuals, a common problem is visible razor bumps. With Nd:YAG laser hair removal, the hair follicle absorbs the energy of the laser and is permanently damaged, resulting in a lack of hair growth of visible razor bumps.

Nd:YAG: More than just laser hair removal

Nd:YAG laser treatments from IGBeauty Laser and Skin Clinic offers much more than just laser hair removal. It’s a revolutionary new treatment that can be used for everything from treating warts, to fighting the signs of aging to removing unwanted hair. To learn more about the services IGBeauty Laser and Skin Clinic offers and how Nd:YAG treatment may be what you need in your skin care routine, contact our expert team at 416-484-4884.


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